Pyle PWD701 Vehicle Security System Review

Nowadays, security is one of the main concerns of many individuals. That is one of the reasons for the production of Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System. It aims to provide a total security to car owners against carjacking, and other possibilities that may threaten life.

Pyle produced this item as part of their advanced security system kit. One of the most noticeable aspects of Pyle PWD701 is its being controlled by a remote. Vehicle would-be burglars can be frightened by its 120dB two-tone siren. Owning Pyle PWD701 will surely add confidence and security for you and your car.

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51zymx6ZxbL 2Modernized and Easy to Use

The product contains anti-carjack functions when installed. If you are expecting for a modernized alarm system for your car, then choosing Pyle PWD701 is one of the best option possible for you. The kit contains two transmitters, override switch, a status indicator LED, and dual stage impact detector giving an easy way to use the product.

The remote control can be useful for alerting possible carjacking activities. Though, the door lock system is secure, giving a warning can dispatch away everyone of bad motives. When parked in a crowded place, activating the alarm system can be of great help for you to easily find it. Depending on the circumstances, you can choose between passive or active arming defense system.

The Anti-Carjack Functions and Budget

When installed in your car, the alarm system contains many functionalities. It includes keyless entry, auto start, trunk release, and power window roll-up. Vehicle security can be secured using the anti-carjack functions of Pyle PWD701, which consists of a wireless security system. Additionally, it offers an outstanding performance on a cheaper budget.

Pyle PWD701 Features and Specifications

  • Remote Transmitters. The remote control has two operating modes. It can be either standard or level shifted. Each button can be activated by pressing it for less than one second. It can activate standard functions such as arm or disarm. On the other hand, pressing it for more than one second makes the transmitter’s standard LED color to green activating level shifted functions. Expanded commands can be accessed while the LED color is green.
  • Ignition Controlled Locks. This feature is an automatic response from the system. When the brake pedal is pressed, the doors are automatically locked for safety purposes. When the ignition key is turned off, it automatically unlocks the doors. Prior to this function, this feature can be programmed ahead of time.
  • Anti-carjacking features
  • 2 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Flashing Parking Lights
  • Remote Sensor Bypass
  • Remote Panic Mode
  • Remote Chirp Mute

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Pyle PWD701 Reviews

The product has been rated by contented users. We give 9/10 ratings for this product. A verified purchaser said that he was so impressed with the item. From among all the security systems he had installed, none of them can be compared to Pyle PWD701. He added that the price of the product is definitely equal with the quality o the unit.

Another customer noted that the alarms are functioning well. He said that the money used to purchase the item is definitely worth spending. As regards to quality, most agree that it does  the functions it is intended for.

Another satisfied user of the product recommends the item for all those who are seeking added security for their vehicles.

Things to Improve

Of course, almost all products have something to improve. Pyle PWD701 is of no exception. According to customer reviews, it sometimes gives false alarms. The siren is often triggered by large trucks passing by. While, this is a problem for all of alarm systems, it would be something that Pyle PWD701 be proud of when they can program the item ahead of anybody else.

Additionally, its durability needs to be improved well. Some items cannot withstand too much pressure and therefore needs repair or even replacement from time to time. Customers are seeking for a design that is user-friendly so customizing the remote control needs redesigning as well. On the other hand, Pyle PWD701 is certainly a great innovation. There are minor flaws, but advantages are greater.


Compared to all items available in the market today falling under the same category, PWD701 is worth recommending to others. The outstanding design, anti-carjacking functions and modernized alarming system will surely be of great help to all vehicle owners.

The low-budget but good quality provided by Pyle PWD701 is something that other providers would be jealous of. Additionally, the item can be bought online, so there is no need to worry where to buy one. You just need for it to knock on your door.

Of course, the lifespan of an item depends mostly on the user. It might need maintenance from time to time, but that is nothing compared to the service it may render you most especially regarding security matters.

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