Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security Review

Phyton is a well-known provider of quality security products and services. Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security is one of the flagships of the company in line to provide the best security system amongst its competitors. Most cars have built in security system, but they can be breached in time. The need for a new  2-way security remote control is necessary.

A functional responder that provides its duties even from above 2,000-ft is certainly one of the items that is worth your spending with. Phyton 5706P has been in service for years now and still providing the best service for its clients. This is true even for its latest version. Having your car being controlled by you from afar is certainly a comfortable way to warn burglars and other possible activities. If you parked it from a crowded parking space, using he alarm system can be of great help, too.

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41KYDQVCQcL 2The Range of Functionality

Phyton 5706P offers a long-range of functionality. The allowance is one mile or 1.6 kilometers away. The remote being held by you can find ways to control the car given that distance. Of course, instead of walking back near your car, you only have to press the button you wish to do and voila!

This functionality is helpful for individual owners who are working in offices. For example, alarm systems may be triggered by some large wind waves and starts to produce an alarming sound; you can easily stop it by pressing the “stop” button without moving a single step from your seat.

Easy Access to the Vehicle Status

The LCD display of the Phyton 5706P provides the current status of your vehicle. In case you have forgotten whether you have locked your car or not, checking the LCD may confirm the current status of your vehicle. The responder or remote start operates accurately from your commands.

Easy access to your vehicle status can refrain you from additional tiring duty compared when you do not have Phyton 5706P.

Python 5706P Features

  • 1-mile range to its remote transmitter
  • LCD pager 2-way security feature
  • Remote can notify through tones, text and icon display, or even vibration
  • 1-way companion remote control (along with the LCD display)

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Product Information

Dimensions: 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 6 inches

Weight: 3.48 lbs

Battery: 1 12V battery needed

Phyton 5706P Reviews and Ratings

Python 5706P Reviews

The product has been dubbed as the mother ship of alarm systems. Due to the availability of add-ons, security features add confidence to the vehicle owner. One satisfied user even said that this is the most helpful device because it kept him informed of all the functions. Connecting to your mobile phone is simple to control the unit. He added that putting the car into override mode is beneficial when going through the carwash.

Another satisfied buyer claimed that because he can start the car from far away, getting the cool temperature inside before going in is a plus. He even recommends the item to his fellow vehicle owners.

It comes with all the components needed. A verified purchaser said in a review that by using the Phyton 5706P, he was really contented. The alarm system, though obstacles are great, still functions the way it is expected to. Concluding his review is his recommendation for everyone. We are giving a rate of 9/10 for the product.

Things to Improve

Phyton 5706P is a dedicated product as regards to security services. However, hardware improvements is still needed. There are some complaints regarding the unit having issues about the installer. One of the wires are reported not working and therefore needed replacement.

Additionally, since almost all users are satisfied by the long-range of control, securing the distance is necessary. Providing a longer range if possible can add quality to the service.

Durability can also be improved by having the item be tested from various regions, climate, and geographical locations.

Although there are flaws, it can somehow be perfected by the way users are taking care of it.


If you are looking for a beneficial and effective way to control your vehicle, perhaps from long distances, then Phyton 5706P can be useful to you. The range of functionality and easy access to the vehicle status is a great advantage. The LCD display shows the current status adding confidence to you.

Installation of the product is also simple. Be it a covered car, jeepney, or any type of vehicle, Phyton 5706P can fit with various types. Furthermore, it can be bought within your budget without forsaking or compromising the quality of the security service. Of course, having the product installed in your vehicle is the best way for you to check the quality of the service.

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