Raytek MT6 Infrared Thermometer Review

In the field of laser thermometers, the Raytek MT6 is hailed as the top-rated non-contact thermometer. This thermometer has the amazing ability to accurately take the temperature. It will surely give you precise and accurate results. If you would like to have something as accurate as this, then the Raytek MT6 will surely be the best tool for you.

To make it really convenient for users, this is equipped with a laser point detection system that can really take precise temperature readings. Well, you should not take it just like the normal thermometer because it is something that is really different when it comes to capability. You will like the fact that you can still read the recently taken temperatures. This is recommended for documentation and checking purposes.

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Highly Comfortable and Accurate Design

The design of this non-contact thermometer is indeed very good. You will like it for sure because it feels comfortable in the hands. The design also allows you to grip it firmly without the fear of dropping it accidentally. You can easily take the temperature and have a good look at the display through its good scanner display.

The range of accuracy of this is really something to take note of. It ranges from +/- 1 degree Celsius. This range is actually very flexible. It depends on which is more superior in the temperature reading. The backlit display shows the most recent and maximum temperature readings. You can always make it as your reference if you haven’t recorded the readings.

With Raytek MT6, say goodbye to mismanagement and clutter and say hello to a whole new conventional way of keeping track of temperature records.

Good Emissivity Response

The emissivity of this non-contact thermometer is fixed at a range of 0.95. If you are not familiar with it, emissivity is the actual ratio of the energy being radiated. This is a very important factor to most of the IR thermometers because the temperature of a particular object is detected through this.

You should note that most surfaces have high emissivity. In order to measure its temperature effectively, you will need a thermometer that has a good response with this radiation. The Raytek MT6 is very reliable when it comes to this feature. This can provide a fast response that can result to a really accurate temperature measure.

The factor that will really make you feel amazed by this thermometer is its ability to come up with an accurate measure even if the emissivity of a particular surface is lower. This is because of its adjustable emissivity level.

This ability to customize this feature contributes to its wide use in different industries as well for personal use. You will surely see this IR thermometer as the best tool to have in most of your technical activities.

Raytek MT6 Features and Specifications

  • Very lightweight and compact design – when you avail this IR thermometer, it comes with 9V alkaline batteries that can last really long.
  • Single dot laser – this is used for targeting the object for precision.
  • Large display – the display is large enough for you to be able to read it as clear as possible.
  • Current and maximum readings – this thermometer can show the maximum temperature reading for reference.
  • Distance ratio of 10:1 – 80% energy
  • Temperature range – from -30 degrees to 500 degrees Celsius

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Raytek MT6 Reviews

Due to its great technical value, we will award Raytek MT6 with a rating of 8 out of 10. Most of the people treat this as a really good temperature gun. It is a different thermometer compared with other leading brands like the Fluke. They noted that the ration is really appropriate for most distance temperature measurements.

Another thing that they really like about this is that the display is large enough to show the vital information. It also has the ability to hold the temperature for about 7 seconds. The users have enough time to record and look at the temperature reading. Another thing is the wide range of temperature that it can measure. They noted that they can go as high as 832 degrees in Fahrenheit.

Overall, the customers are really very satisfied with its performance and functionality. According to them, they will surely recommend it to other users.

Things to Improve

The thing that some of the users complain about this is the occasional inaccurate reading of reflective surface. However, you should note that this is caused by the laser. The scanner should not be the thing to blame. It is recommended to put a masking tape to an area that you will scan for more accuracy.


The Raytek MT6 is an IR thermometer that is equipped with versatility, durability, and portability. It is much known for its ability to diagnose heat problems like engine failure. If you are an automobile owner, you will definitely benefit from its features. Check this best non-contact infrared thermometer in the market and get one for your own use.

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