Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Pole Saw Review

The Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Pole Saw is a product built to provide comfortable, convenient, safe, and efficient performance in cutting out of reach tree limbs. It is built with an adjustable pole which  allows you to trim and cut branches without using any other additional tools.

You’ll know that you’re using a not only a good but great chainsaw when you cannot only cut a tree that belongs to your backyard but as well as your neighbor’s. It’s probably not a good suggestion in trying the product but here’s the thing: when using Remington RM1025SPS Ranger, you’re guaranteed to cutting even the highest branches 10-feet to 15-feet above your head. How amazing is that?

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A Top-of-the-line Saw with a Reasonable Price

The Remington RM1025SPS is amazingly sold at a very reasonable price however, this low-priced chainsaw provides a high-quality service in reaching high branches as it has an adjustable aluminum pole which length ranges from 10-feet to 15-feet.

This allows you to reach limbs faster, unlike any other chainsaws sold on the average price. The 2-in-1 chainsaw lets you to easily remove the pole so that when you’re done trimming the branches from above, you can now start other tasks like cutting the limbs placed under.

Efficient Horse Power that Gets the Job Done

Consuming only an average of 960 Watts, this easy-to-detach chainsaw works only at 8 amps which are powerful enough in cutting and pruning job. It has a potent motor that produces sufficient force for efficient cutting on small and medium branches and limbs without any disruption. This is one thing that you should undoubtedly consider when choosing chainsaws as it has a great relevance to performance, acceleration and efficiency. Thus, with Remington RM1025SPS horsepower, there’s no doubt that you’re having a competent pole saw.

Remington RM1025SPS Features and Specifications

  • 8 Amp motor – Not just fair but competent to do simply to almost impossible jobs
  • 10-inch bar and chain – For easier limb trimming and cutting
  • 2-in-1 easy-to-detach pole – To eliminate the need of another tool to separate it
  • The easy flip and lock – For abruptly secure pole length
  • Adjustable aluminum poles – Extends up to 10-feet to 15-feet
  • Nonslip grip – For uninterrupted cutting job
  • Anti-rotation pole – For steady usage

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Remington RM1025SPS Reviews

Remarkably, editor ratings is 9 stars on a scale of 10 which ensures that you almost have the perfect chainsaw you can ever have in your entire life. Garnering almost nothing but positive feedback, this adjustable and easy to use chainsaw can handle most cutting and trimming jobs with ease and comfort.

At first, skeptical thoughts may arise but this saw is considerate to almost every user. As promised, its lengths reaches 10-feet to 15-feet which is beneficial for those who are not capable or are having issues with using stepladder or extensions while carrying a heavy duty chainsaw.

For sturdy and stable jobs especially when using adjustable saws, most users find this chainsaw promising as you can use this without experiencing any bouncing and twisting at all. It suits even the bigger and larger limbs despite having a great length. Its great design makes almost all the cutting jobs possible.

Apart from that, this amazing saw uses straight weight motor oil for the lube if its chain which probably is one of the greatest things for those who are using a different kind of chainsaws for a long time.

Things to Improve

As mentioned, this product is just “almost perfect” as it is expected to be. Of course, there’s no such thing as having a seamless chainsaw even if it is the most expensive one. For this chainsaw, most users find it hard to haul because of its weight. Some users find it hard to control especially for those who have shorter arms. But then again, what do you expect from a heavy duty, a highly efficient adjustable chainsaw that works on great lengths.

What is great about this product is that you can easily have it disconnected swiftly, without using any tool or having any trouble, and just use the powerful chainsaw all by itself. If you are capable, you can easily use a ladder for any limbs that is out of your reach.


In conclusion, the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger is outstanding not only for its sensible price but also, for how it functions. Imagine dealing with great lengths while considering using another tool such as ladders and at the same time, hauling a weighty chainsaw. Thus, the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger is very efficient in reaching branches that are over the head.

Its adjustable poles also allow users to cut and prune with ease and comfort, while assuring a sturdy pole with its flip and lock clamps. Overall, this chainsaw gives a fair enough reason to be considered as it can handle most cutting jobs. Do check out other pole saw reviews too!

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