Remington RM5118R Chainsaw Review

Remington RM5118R is another considerable chainsaw to use and designed with 18-inch 51 cc two-cycle gas engine. It is structured to provide more power in cutting increased quantities of wood minus the hassle. You could even use the product without issues in starting up. The starting instructions are even printed clearly, giving you guideline in case you forgot how easy to set it up.

The chainsaw reduces too much cranking for it has a flawless running machine. You may only need a single or a couple of pulls to make it work. Breaks would also be eliminated since it has a longer idle time.

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51 cc Two-Cycle Gas Engine

The power core of the product could provide support regardless of using it occasionally or regularly. If you have tasks as a homeowner, be rest assured that your jobs would be done as necessary. It dramatically reduces the need to start the tool with much force.

The engine of the product is credited to the durability of the product. It could be turned off and left on your shelf without the worry about the possibility of it wearing out. The product’s frame is made stronger, guaranteeing that despite jamming the chainsaw, the engine would remain intact.

As for the longevity of the engine, you could ensure that it would work even at high volumes. You would not end up with wear and tear, which is greatly possible with other tools. It remains consistent and its power would not be altered despite different lines of wood to be cut.

Ease of Use and Safety

The easier management of Remington RM5118R makes it safer. You do not need a too high-average number of pulls to make it start. It has a primer and choke set of controls that would easily adjust the tightness of the cutting chain. You would not even have issues in accessing the spark plug, air filter, and refueling requirement.

The kickback intensity of the tool would protect you from potential burns. Even the cutting chain is designed with safeguarded storage. No accidental contact would ever be encountered, even if your kid would visit your workplace.

Remington 41BY80AG983 Features and Specifications

Remington RM5118R is a product that has a 511 cc two-cycle gas engine and 18-inch chain and bar. The general dimensions of the product are 12.5 inches by 12.2 inches by 20 inches. The total weight of the item is 25 pounds. The structure of the engine is perfected with vibration dampening handles, strong chassis, and huge bucking spikes-made chains for safe cutting.

Given below are the top features of the product:

  • Front and Back Anti-Vibration Handles – Your work would certainly be more comfortable using the chainsaw for it has Rodeo’s anti-vibration handles. While operating, fatigue in your hands would greatly be decreased.
  • Durable Build – As mentioned, even if you accidentally drop the chainsaw, it would not easily wear out. Even the chains would not need quick replacement after long use for it is designed with large bucking spikes. Besides the ability to cut any type of wood, you would also have better control of the work.
  • Premium Performance – The chain and bar of the chainsaw are powered to work quickly and easily even in cutting the toughest wood you could find.
  • Quick Start-Up – You may start up the engine without much effort. No brutal strength would even be required if you are about to cut firewood, oak, or maple.
  • Two-Step Auto Choke – The feature focuses on the easier warming of the tool. It sets high idle for choke position and throttle to heat up the tool more quickly.
  • Automatic Oiler – Your bar and chain would consistently be lubricated with the feature. Since this is available, you would regularly obtain smooth cutting.

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Remington 41BY80AG983 Reviews

The editor’s rating for Remington RM5118R is 8 out of 10.

Most of the reviews of the product are positive, welcoming it as one of the best chainsaws to buy. In line with the manufacturer’s claim, the product does cut easily and effortlessly minus extra time. It could start quickly as guaranteed, and stays oiled. Furthermore, the reviews highlighted that the anti-vibration of the product is totally useful. Most importantly, it works for any type of wood.

Things to Improve

Most of the imperfect reviews suggested the improvement of leaking chain oil. Moreover, the feedbacks highlighted the need for better customer service. But other than these, the existing users of the chainsaw found the product reliable and durable.


Apparently, Remington RM5118R lived up to its promises of high-quality cutting with advanced technology and features. It is a must-buy for it is not only exceeding in performance but cost-effective as well. You could get more than its value, providing the perk of complying with your not-so-high budget but a great need to upgrade your workshop tools.

You may still check out other products if you prefer, which are at par with Remington RM5118R’s quality, by proceeding to best chainsaw reviews.

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