Revtronic P2A Pocket Flashlight Review

Generally, customers would expect less quality from pocket flashlights compared to the bigger ones, but with the Revtronic Pocket Flashlight, you get a high quality flashlight in a compact and lightweight casing. This flashlight demonstrates that good things come in small packages.

This flashlight has a very bright LED light bulb. It’s very compact and lightweight and more of a penlight. The sturdy aluminum alloy body is resistant from water, impact and corrosion. It has a considerably long runtime despite the high quality light it emits. Batteries are already included with the item. And the best part, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Brilliant and Long Lasting LED Light

The Revtronic Pocket Flashlight stands out from other pocket flashlight products with its 1-watt LED light bulb manufactured through Toshiba technology. With this, you are guaranteed with a good quality brilliant light beam. The light output this flashlight emits can reach up to 105 lumens. That’s notably bright considering the size of the LED light bulb. This quality is something you will not get from cheap pocket flashlights.

The LED light bulb used in this flashlight has a very long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. That means you simply have to change batteries if they ran out but you can count on the LED light bulb to still work for a long time. Besides, the manufacturer of the bulb, Toshiba, is known for making efficient and quality electronic products.

Stylish Penlight

The design of the Revtronic Pocket Flashlight is elegant with a black sleek finish. It is also available in blue and silver. With this, you can bring it all the time not just on camping, hunting, or other outdoor activities. It will easily fit in your jacket pocket even if you’re wearing a suit. Who knows when you will require a flashlight, right? You will not look awkward by carrying a flashlight around. Imagine if your car breaks down at night, you can easily pop the hood, check what’s wrong under it by using your penlight that was just in your pocket all along.

The design takes the length of 2 AAA batteries making it easy to hold even for those who have bigger hands. You just press that button until it clicks to turn the flashlight on, and press it again to turn it off, it’s that easy and simple.

Revtronic Pocket Flashlight Features and Specifications

  • Toshiba LED technology – brilliant 1-watt bulb with 105 lumens capacity that can last up to 50,000 hours
  • Long run-time – can reach 2.25 hours of continued use
  • Pocket friendly – the length is a handy 5.2 inches with a weight of .13 pounds with a metal pocket clip
  • Aluminum Body – durable that can resist corrosion, water, and impact
  • Easy to operate – On/Off button switch that clicks
  • Batteries – requires 2 Duracell AAA batteries that are included

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Revtronic Pocket Flashlight Review and Ratings

The Revtronic Pocket Flashlight received a rating of 7.6/10. This means that majority of the customers who used the product are quite satisfied with their purchase. One customer was surprised with the brightness of the light that the flashlight emits despite its small size. Thanks to its 105 lumens capacity.

 Another user especially liked the simplicity of using the flashlight with just the on and off switch. No need to toggle between different modes that are not so useful for everyday use. If you need light, turn it on and you get the light you require.

Since the penlight is lightweight and has a metal clip, one user carries it around every time. The flashlight would not bulge in the pocket. Because of this, the flashlight is susceptible to impact when the user moves around but it withstands the banging and crashing.

Things to Improve

The Revtronic Pocket Flashlight is built with an aluminum body that can resist impact and water. But one minor concern about its design is the black final coating. It gets scraped off with impact and usage. However, the aluminum body casing is not affected with every day use. It still resist water and keeps the mechanism inside intact. Despite the paint coating scrapes, the pocket flashlight works perfectly well.


The Revtronic Pocket Flashlight is simple and straightforward with the basic purpose of a penlight. The LED light bulb is made with utmost quality technology with a long life span. With this, it emits a wide and bright light beam of up to 105 lumens. The design is also simple and sleek not sacrificing durability and handiness with the aluminum body and metal clip that fits right in your pocket. In effect, it is not easily damaged by impact, water, or corrosion. It is also lightweight and thin enough to fit in the pocket.

This especially designed flashlight stays true to its purpose – a pocket flashlight that you can carry all the time ready when you will require it. With this number of benefits, you get it at a very affordable price. Read other bpocket flashlight reviews for more information too!

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