Ridgid 40043 Inspection Camera Review

Ridgid 40043 Inspection Camera has a 2.4” wide LCD screen that will allow you to view all the captured images and videos in good quality. This is so helpful if you need to see the details of the images you are taking. Furthermore, this characteristic allows you to view the images and videos you took with ease.

Ridgid is a known brand or company when it comes to distributing hand tools, and now they came up with a product that could be useful for the dilemma that most people experience at home. It will also be of big help to a handyman as it will make his work much easier. This tool is known as the Ridgid 40043 Inspection Camera, which is used for you to see, record, and capture the thing that is obstructing any path where the camera could reach and take images .

Are you looking for a device that would help you see through hard to see places or unreachable places? It may be for your work or just to fulfill your curious mind, whatever your reason is, you should know that this is possible with the help of an inspection camera. These cameras are used in order to help you see what is behind that narrow path or what is in that path.

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Ridgid 40043 Inspection Camera is a good one to use because the material is designed so that it will withstand with the demands of the environment that you are putting it, so you are sure that it will not easily get broken. This is an assurance that you can use this in almost any situation, so you will not need to spend so much money in repairing or buying a new one in case you used it in the wrong time.

Ridgid 40043 Features

The two features of the Ridgid 40043 is already very interesting and with that alone, you may want to purchase the product. However, it would be better if you get to know more about the product and see if it really is perfect for you. Here are some more features and specifications that you may want to know:

  • It weighs 4.8 pounds. This is a bit heavy considering that you are most likely to lift the device while you are using it. However, with all the things it can offer you, this is a fine weight, and you can still carry it.
  • It is battery operated. This is a good thing because you are not going to use it entirely in a place where a socket is present so having a battery is a good idea. Basically, it being battery operated makes it portable and handy.
  • It has 4 LCDs that can be adjusted. Each LCD has their own function that can cater the different kinds of things you need to do.
  • The camera wand or the camera cable has a length of 3 feet and 2 inches. It is a fair enough length that you can use when you are trying to capture unreachable objects. With this length, you would not need to worry about reaching far objects from you.
  • The camera is somewhat waterproof because of the materials it is made of. Normally, the place you are trying to see are wet or moist; sometimes you may even need to submerge it in water. Hence, this is an advantageous quality of the Ridgid 40043.

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Are you thinking of buying Ridgid 40043? If you are, then you should go and read what other customers has been saying about this amazing product, because reading reviews will inform you properly on the points that you should know and consider before buying it. From an online store, customers rated this product, and it got an average of 8.6 stars out of 10 stars, which is a good rating.

Things to Improve

Why do you think Ridgid 40043 did not get a perfect score from the customers that rated it? One of the customers were not that satisfied with this product because it broke down after some time of using it. Another one also said that the head or the camera of the device was too big to fit the area that he was trying to reach. The third individual indicated that it works just fine, but he was not too satisfied with the size of the screen. These may happen, but it can be solved once you try to tell the seller about your problem.


Looking at all the points mentioned above, the specifications and the reviews of customers, you will have enough idea if you will buy Ridgid 40043 or not. Also, it is safe to say that the rating of the product is just fine with 8.6/10. Make sure that you consider all these before buying. To know more about inspection cameras, visit this.

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