Ridgid R2720 3-Inch X 21-Inch Belt Sander Review

The Ridgid R2720 is a 10-amp belt sander that’s three inches by twenty-one inches. It features an in-line designed motor that’s driven by belts and gears for additional durability and power. It’s also a variable speed belt sander that uses a dial to match the removal rate you desire to fit the job, whether you want to remove the roughness of a wooden floor or even sharpen blades. You can also use the Ridgid for stripping off paint from cars when doing a new paint job on them. Meanwhile, it has a three-position pommel handle that you can position into different ways so that operator comfort is maintained at all times. You’ll suffer less fatigue with this machine as well as maximize operation time while avoiding conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.


Tool-Free Belt Release and Flat Face 

The Ridgid R2720 Belt Sander also makes it easy and quick to change belts because it has a tool-free belt release that’s safe to handle. Meanwhile, the R2720 also features a flat face, which enables it to do flush sanding jobs that many other belt sanders are incapable of since they don’t have the same ingenious design as this Ridgid product. What this means is that even when sanding down vertical surfaces, your sander won’t go all over the place like a drunken uncle because of the way it’s built. Speaking of the way it’s built, it also features assured durability and high strength thanks to its die-cast construction. Meanwhile, you can gain minimum downtime thanks to the fact that the brushes can be serviced quickly. 

Soft Start and Compact Utility

One key feature of the Ridgid R2720 that should not be ignored and has earned it high ratings on Amazon.com by its Amazonian users is the fact that it can do soft starts. You can start it with a push of a button, which is always impressive when you’re working with something that has a 10-amp motor and should, by all intents and purposes, be a gas-powered release. Then again, it’s compact, weighs only 10.5 pounds, and is best used in residences rather than as a commercial-grade or industrial-level kind of sander. Still, its 800 to 1,500 rotations per minute and 80-grit sanding belt plus dust bag and hex key makes it one of the more robust sander deals you can find.

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The RidgidR2720 3-Inch X 21-Inch Belt Sander offers the following specs.

  • Motor:It’s 10 amps and has an in-line design. It’s also gear-driven and belt-driven for added durability and power.
  • Speed Dial: You can get variable speed with the device using its variable-speed dial that allows you to adjust in accordance to the material you’re sanding away.
  • Pommel Handle: You can adjust your wrist and grip positioning in three ways thanks to the comforting and ergonomic pommel handle.
  • Flat Face: When sanding vertical surfaces in a flush manner you won’t go wrong with a flat face belt sander like RidgidR2720.
  • Soft Start:You only need to push a button to start the motor. The starter gradually accelerates the engine to control startup better as well.
  • Belt Tracking Finger Adjustments: Belt tracking finger adjusts tracking to ensure that you have perfect alignment.

Ridgid R2720 Customer Reviews

I love the Ridgid R2720 because it offers super-charged turbo performance that I’ve come to know and love about Ridgid. It’s about what you’d expect, really. How good is this belt sander? I was able to remove a four meter by four meter veneer from a solid oak surface with this device with little to no problem at all. As expected of a 10-amp compact belt sander with superior maneuverability and power combined. In less than five minutes I was able to remove the veneer and I couldn’t be happier (take note, this was while applying zero pressure).

The RidgidR2720 3-Inch X 21-Inch Belt Sanderhas received 13 reviews and has a 3.9 rating on Amazon.com.


Although the RidgidR2720 3-Inch X 21-Inch Belt Sander is one of the more aggressive and powerful sanders out there, it comes with the natural consequence of customer complaints (thusly explaining the 3.9 rating). One customer alleged that after using his tool, the motor started smoking. He gave it a break hoping the problem would fix itself, but when the smoking stopped and the unit cooled down, the motor has become severely compromised. Its rotational power became so weak that it couldn’t be used, he claimed. As such, when buying your own Ridgid R2720 you should definitely know its limits. 

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The Ridgid R2720 3-Inch X 21-Inch Belt Sander has the power to strip veneer from a four meter by four meter hardwood, but if you test its limits too much you might end up with a smoking motor and a compromised machine that won’t rotate strong enough to scrape up wet moss from a rock. Otherwise, for its size, it most definitely is one of the most aggressive and powerful belt sanders around. Again, remember that it has a soft start feature for a reason; when you have a device with this powerful a motor despite its size, something has to give, so limit your heavy-duty work to other bigger sanders. Check out other best belt sander here.

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