Ridgid ZRR84082 Cordless Jobsite Radio Review

The Ridgid ZRR84082 Cordless Jobsite Radio is a thing of beauty and power, and yes, it is possible to have both. One look at this radio and you know it is almost indestructible. With its sleek features like a dock that fits most iPods, a remote control capability for most of the basic functions, and a very sleek-looking shell, the Ridgid ZRR84082 is surely built to last.

Weighing only 16 pounds and measuring 21 in X 10 in X 12 in, this cordless job site radio is compact and portable. With all the job site radios that come around the market, let me tell you a few more reasons why you should go with this eye candy.

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Specially Designed for iPod

Are you an Apple fan? Forget all those speakers and radios that promise good sound quality to match your device, because your search ends here. The Ridgid ZRR84082 is designed in such a way that iPhone and iPod users get to use a dedicated dock.

Even cooler, you can also control the functions remotely with the controller device that comes along with it, and you can modify and tweak your choices for as long as you are within a 25-feet range. This is really helpful when your device is planted on the dock and you would want to take control of the playlist.

This iPod connectivity also has a recharging function for iPhones 4 and below through its old connector (we can remember they shifted to the lightning cable come iPhone 5). Not an Apple user? Don’t worry. The Ridgid ZRR84082 is also capable of playing tunes from non-iOS devices, through an audio cable that also comes along with the purchase.

Rugged Design

Surrounded by a protective bumper design all over, this radio does not only look tough, but it actually is tough. The adjustable paddings on its compartment make it easier for the Ridgid ZRR84082 to hold an iPod on its dock, hence giving protection not only to the radio itself, but also to the other devices that are plugged in to it. The way this job site radio is setup is very intricate yet heavy-duty, and puts a lot of emphasis on durability, resistance to damage, and other external factors such as dust and moisture.

Main Product Features and Specifications

  • ShockMount Feature –the ShockMount feature is basically the entire device’s visual appeal. The radio’s body almost looks like it is meant to be thrown from great heights and not be damaged
  • Dedicated iPod Dock – it is great news for iPod and iPhone users, for this radio seems like it is almost made just for them. The iPod Dock allows playing of the music from iTunes, as well as recharging the mobile, and controls whether remotely or not
  • Remote Control function –switch between songs through the provided radio remote control, as long as you are not more than 25 feet away from the device
  • Audio outlet cable for non-iPod or iPhone users to provide variety that is not limited to the choice of music player brand
  • Four speakers give off a crisp sound even when the volume is maxed out. Sounds has emphasis on bass and comes across with minimal static
  • Cordless for easy access and carrying to wherever crisp sounds and amazing music is needed
  • Can be operated by either a 120-volt cable or make us of the 18-volt rechargeable battery

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Ridgid ZRR84082 Reviews

Garnering positive feedback of 4.3 out of five stars in Amazon, the Ridgid ZRR84082 is definitely loved by most of its users worldwide. Apple users are rejoicing with the arrival of the Ridgid ZRR84082, and a lot of them are raving about the dock functionality of the radio. One of the customers even went as far as to saying that this radio is the only one that should be considered.

A lot of users are also grateful for the amazing sounds that this radio produces. It is pretty loud and clear and heard from the outside, with almost no unncessesary noise at all. People also love how lightweight the radio is, and the remote control function is definitely useful to a lot of the users.

Things to Improve

One of the down sides of the product is that it does not have an option to recharge the battery when plugged in—you would have to actually buy a separate charger. However, it does not seem to bother most of the reviewers, as it also has the capability to recharge an iPhone or iPod whenever it is plugged on the radio’s dock.


The Ridgid ZRR84082 is one of the best, if not the best radio and speaker system for iPhone and iPod users, as well as with users of other music players. Its durability, design, as well as the remote control function makes it stand out from others. Get a Ridgid ZRR84082 to have an eye candy and an audio toughie in one. Do check out other best worksite radio reviews!

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