Rigid Industries 110312 Light Bar Review

One of the most important vehicle accessories nowadays is the light bar, and among the top ones is the Rigid Industries 110312. The 110312 E-Series is the flagship of all Rigid Industries light bars.

This model is suited for different types of vehicles like cars, light trucks, police or fire rescue vehicles, and even farming vehicles and equipment.

The 110312 light bar comes in different configurations and lengths. It is designed to project amazing lighting with very minimum power. Its housing is composed of polycarbonate lens and aluminum which are sealed tightly for protection to resist unfavorable or unwanted elements.

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Spot and Flood Combination

Rigid Industries 110312 light bar is a combination of spot and flood lights. This provides a very concentrated beam of light in both width and range. The beam also reaches great distances so this makes travelling safer. The very bright light it is producing is consistent even on high speed situations.

As compared with conventional flood lights, the Rigid Industries 110312 is more energy-efficient because it is using light-emitting diodes or what we call the LED.

Wikipedia describes LEDs as “small, completely solid state, very power-efficient, long-lasting (as they have no filaments to burn out) and can be seen very easily even at great distances and in sunlight.”

110312 light bar is truly one of the best LED light bars in the market today. The light it is able to produce is super bright as compared with other light bars.

Its patented hybrid optics system is a very powerful and efficient LED. It utilizes a reflector and lens combination which is capable of capturing the highest amount of light possible emitted from the LED which it could project where you want it to be exactly projected.

Durable Material

The tough housing used for this LED light bar is made from durable aluminum material. It has customized oversized heat sinks which help in keeping the temperature cooler. As a result, Rigid Industries 110312 light bar can run brighter and cooler.

Rigid Industries light bars are made to be really durable that they can withstand anything thrown at them whether deliberate or accidental hits, like those from falling debris off of dump trucks or from those being kicked by another vehicle’s tires, and other unwanted scenarios.

Because it is durable, you will be able to use this for a longer period of time and it might even reach a lifetime if proper care is given.

Rigid Industries 110312 Features and Specifications

  • Included in the kit are two mounting brackets
  • Plug and play wiring harness. This also comes with switch and Deutsch connector.
  • Patented hybrid optics system
  • Great for any distance: regular or extreme distance
  • Two-piece housing with different mounting options and 304 stainless brackets with three positions
  • Watts: 65, Ampere Draw: 4.71, LED’s: 20, Raw Lumens: 5740, Lux at 10m: 1500, Beam Distance: 775m, Peak Beam Intensity: 150000 cd.

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Rigid Industries 110312 Reviews

With a very high Editor Rating of 9.6/10, the Rigid Industries 110312 light bar is truly one of the best of its kind.

One customer stated that the light is very bright that it makes it look like daylight when riding at night. The difference between his stock headlight and the Rigid 110312 light bar is really amazingly incredible.

One very satisfied customer said that the installation was just very easy and straightforward and the lights actually come as already prewired. Also, the wiring harness has a lot of extra length. You truly get your money’s worth.

Another customer mentioned that he already have been using it for more than a year and it still looks brand new with no issues at all.

Several other customers also gave it excellent ratings based on their experience with this Rigid Industries 110312 light bar.

Things to Improve

One minor complaint is that the product doesn’t come with a protective cover. It is currently being sold separately.

However, with all the benefit the Rigid Industries LED light bar can give you, this minor complaint can be totally overlooked at.

This minor complaint cannot overshadow the fact that 110312 E-Series light bar is definitely perfect in giving the light you need. You can feel extra safe when driving at night if you are using this light bar.


If you want your night rides to be safe, use the Rigid Industries 110312 light bar. The light is really bright, and it can reach extreme distances and even in high-speed situations. This light bar boasts its patented hybrid optics system. It is very durable that it can even reach a lifetime.

Rigid Industries 110312 can totally exceed your expectations. Rigid Industries really sets the standard in this industry.

It continues in developing advancements and enhancements of the superb engineering of LED lights.

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