RockBros Bike Pedals Review

The RockBros Bike Pedal is designed to provide a stable platform while driving the bicycle. The aluminum alloy black mountain bike pedals have a spindle diameter of 9/6-inch and a dimension of 80 mm x 90 mm.

The sealed bearing pedals give every user a sturdy platform and it eliminates situations when your feet slips off from the pedals.  Most of the bikers want a heavy duty type pedal for them to have total control and perfect maneuverability. This product is suitably crafted for every pro.

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51jb4gc0cDLBrushed Black Finish and Made Up of Aluminum Alloy

The RockBros mountain bike pedals include two pedals in the package and it has a brushed-black finish design to match any type of mountain bikes. The elegant color and design of this flat pedal can easily complement different kinds of bicycles and it also provides that high-end look once installed. These bring the classy look because of its sophisticated color.

Moreover, their aluminum alloy component provides a much stable and sturdy platform as compared to plastic kinds. The aluminum alloy will surely last for years because it does not corrode in air, water, or heat due to its strong resistance. This component makes it one of the heaviest duty in the market.

Wider Flat and Sealed Bearing Pedals With Dimension of 80 mm x 90 mm

The wider the platform of the mountain bike pedals, the more it gives a higher capability to support large feet.  The RockBros mountain bike pedal’s dimension of 80 mm x 90 mm is a perfect fit for those bikers who want to replace their existing pedals. It is a worthy decision to get a much wider type because it will surely lessen the experience of pain in your feet or muscle’s fatigue.

A wider flat pedal helps every biker to have full control with their bicycles and it gives them confidence that they can overcome high and rocky surfaces. In addition, the sealed bearing feature of this can hold your feet tightly and minimizes instances where your feet flips back and front.

The sealed bearing also allows the user to clean the pedals without difficulties. There will be no more sands and tight dirt that will get stuck inside its surface.

RockBros Bike Pedals Features & Specifications

  • Aluminum alloy material with brushed black finish mountain bike pedals
  • The size of the two pedals are 80 mm x 90 mm and it has a spindle diameter of 9/6 inch
  • These mountain bike pedals have a weight of 1 pound and it is way lighter than the typical ones
  • Platform/flat type of mountain bike pedals
  • Best use for different bike types like old school, urban bike, cruiser, unicycle, cyclocross bike, track bike, folding bike, road bike-touring, and mountain bike

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RockBros Bike Pedals Reviews

This product gets a score of 7.5 and it was based on the online reviews and our own evaluation. We gathered the reviews posted online and we ended up giving this bike pedal that score. The RockBros bike pedal offers a lot of promising features especially to its wide flat pedal specification.

The design is also impressive as it does not look like a typical type and moreover, it increases the value of your bike. One of the reviews posted online said that he’s looking for a wider flat pedal because he has big feet and he could not bike comfortably with his existing bike pedals.

Another review said that he was glad that he found this because he could now maneuver and control perfectly his bike. There was also a review saying that he’s happy using the RockBros because of its elegant look and the whole package is very nice.

Things to Improve

There are also flaws that we see that RockBros can improve on, like the increasing cases of easily bending when in heavy obstacles. The lightweight, great flat pedal for grip, and impressive spin are the good features of this bike pedal but it needs to support its durability and sturdiness when used in heavy occasions.

This item is perfect for ground level that does not have rocky surfaces and technical terrain. Nonetheless, the overall features, design, and specifications of this bike pedal is amazing and unbelievable with its affordable price.


The RockBros bike pedal will surely give you a better grip experience while riding on your bike as you head off to your top favorite destinations. This is the right one for you if you want a little wider flat pedal and at the same time, feels easy on the feet due to its lightweight material. Its aluminum alloy and brushed black finish gives an elegant look for every type of bikes.

If you want to know more, check out the best mountain bike pedals review and empower yourself with the right information before you decide to buy one.

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