Rockford Fosgate P1683 6×8 Car Speaker Review

When looking for good 6×8 car speakers, the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 is considered as one of the greatest car speakers you can choose from. Many car and sound enthusiasts have found satisfaction in the quality of sound this product provides.

The P1683 6×8 car speaker is made up of PEI dome tweeter, Butyl rubber, and mineral-filled and polypropylene-injected molded cone. It is one of the fastest and most convenient to install speakers due to the Multi-OEM Adapter option provided by its company.

Also, the product contains a basket technology that guarantees compatibility even with odd shaped positions of factory speakers.

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P1683 Rockford Fosgate’s Basket Technology

The Rockford Fosgate’s Flex Fit basket technology is what makes P1683 unique from all the other speakers out there. This feature uses easy slots instead of holes that contain single screw sizes. When the speaker needs to be mounted, this feature permits some adjustment options to be made.

Aside from that, it also uses Integrated Concealed Crossover or ICC that helps in removing the task to use black boxes. This likewise helps in decreasing and simplifying the process of installation.

With this feature, the P1683 car speaker is a suitable replacement for the traditional factory installed speakers.

Multi-OEM Adapter

Another notable factor about this product is the Multi-OEM adapter plate that comes with it. The plate permits full-range speakers and even round components to fit conveniently in particular OEM openings.

This is another feature that helps in making the speaker’s installation process easy and achievable. In fact, many Do-It-Yourself installers have found satisfaction in purchasing the P1683. Because it is easy to install, many customers have been freed from additional expenses of installation services.

P1683 Features and Specifications

To know what’s the best 6×8 car speaker made available in the market, taking a look at the product’s features is a great help. Here is a list of the major features and specifications of the P1683 speaker component that will prove its quality.

  • VAST Surround – This hikes up a speaker’s functional radiating cone area devoid of the complex installation processes and issues. Its result delivers up to 25% more operational radiating cone area for a similar model speaker.
  • High power handling – The product reaches up to 130 Watts at its maximum power. As you know, this will allow your speaker component to release a much greater and clearer sound quality.
  • Flex Fit Basket – This component is the one responsible for the speaker’s easy installation. Slots are utilized in replacement of the customary single screw sized holes. With this feature, the customer himself can easily jolt some necessary slight adjustments when mounting the speaker.
  • Clean and loud sound – The P1683 is a great sounding speaker that delivers a clean but loud sound quality.
  • Good frequency range – The product’s frequency range sounds full. For this reason, the low-frequency lows can be heard as well as the speaker’s production of highs in a great quality.
  • PEI dome tweeter with inbuilt crossover – This allows the product to produce high audio frequencies. In fact, the product’s frequency response even encompasses from 65Hz – 24kHz.


Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 Reviews

With all the positive reviews about the P1683, we give this product a 9 out of 10 rating. In fact, one satisfied customer even said that the product is one of the best car speakers available in the market these days.

Few of the best points worthy of notice about this product are its highs and mids. Even before the speakers were amped, their vocals were already extremely clear. And even with low wattage, the speakers still excel at highs. Plus, after it has been amped, the speakers sounded even clearer than before.

Things to Improve

Like all imperfect products in this world, the P1683 also contains some minor flaws. According to one user, a small downside of this product is the sound of the bass it produces. Unlike the highs and mids, the bass is quite in the average level.

While the speaker itself is undeniably good, it also sometimes does not outdo in lower frequencies. But this minor issue can easily be resolved with the use of a sub.

Aside from this very small glitch, the speaker is all good and functional – a reason why many car and sound enthusiasts put their trust in the product.


The Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 is surely one of the best car speakers available. With the Multi-OEM adapter option that comes with it, the product is among the easiest to install car speakers.

Furthermore, the flex fit basket is also another component of the product that is worth not forgetting. With this, there is no more need to use holes with single screw sizes as one can now utilize easy slots. This is extremely helpful when making certain adjustments to the process of mounting the speaker.

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