Rockwell RK5140K Oscillating Tool Review

One of the best features of Rockwell RK5140K is its ability to make long and deep cuts. It also has a quick accessory change system. You can easily alternate tools depending on your current needs. There is no need to use a lot of wrenches to do that.

The oscillating tool is indeed powerful. It could produce up to 22,000 oscillations per minute, which could perform even heavy-duty task. It is such a powerful tool, and yet you can still keep it under control.

If you are searching for an oscillating tool with add-on features like the hyper lock, then Rockwell RL5140K should be in your list.

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41olYhDPiPLStreamlined Shape for Cutting and Hyperlock

The shape of this oscillating tool is indeed very unique. It has a streamlined shape for more cutting varieties and increased efficiency in creating different cuts. Aside from this, this tool kit could work on very diverse applications and materials. Most contractors are very impressed by this feature. PVC lining is known to be a very tough material; however, it is a piece of cake for this oscillating tool.

To put it simply, this tool can work on variety of materials with almost no limit. It can cut through even the toughest surface, while maintaining its speed and power.

The Hyper lock is another impressive feature. It can actually hold the blade to keep it in place. It secures the blade from sliding off the plate. Most of the oscillator tools have a loose end on the blade plate. Rockwell was able to work on this problem, thus delivering a quality product to their loyal buyers.

You can also use this tool as a sander and grinder. There are many possibilities with this all-purpose oscillating tool.

Flip Lock Feature

This feature is used to lock the blades properly. You would be able to replace the blades as fast as you can because of this feature. Another advantage of this feature is that you don’t need any tool to replace the blades and the accessories.

There is no need to use wrenches and bolts. It would secure all your accessories without any slack. This is the reason why most professionals opt to avail this product. A clamp is also included to better secure the blades. You can ensure that your blades are intact while working. `

You would be able to save much of your time and money through this wonderful configuration. Aside from this, the speed function is remarkable. The blades can work on massive materials without stopping and slowing down. This is the real advantage of Rockwell RK5140K. Even though it has tremendous power, you will not find it hard to handle.

Rockwell RK5140K Features

  • Powerful heavy duty motor – This oscillator is equipped with a 3.0 amp motor for heavy-duty cutting activities.
  • Hyperlock – This is used for securing the blades in place while working. It prevents it from falling.
  • Universal size for accessories – This feature ensures that all the accessories would fit perfectly.
  • Speed control – This is used for cutting accuracy and precision. The tool is very good for detailed work.
  • Diverse capabilities – You can use this for cutting, grinding, grouting, sanding, and others.

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Rockwell RK5140K Reviews

The Rockwell RK5410K definitely satisfies the needs of the buyers. It was able to receive a rating of 9.5 out of 10 because of its special features that are very distinct with others. The Hyperlock feature is praised by most of the users. It gives them assurance that the blade would not slide off.

Those people who are inclined to do home projects and tasks really appreciated the features of this oscillating tool. Aside from being compact, it is very lightweight. Most of the feedbacks also noted that this tool could work for either big or small tasks, making it the best oscillating tool for diverse projects.

All in all, most of the buyers are happy with its performance. They also love its durability and the uniqueness of its design. Hands down for this remarkable tool!

Things to Improve

One thing that you would notice with this oscillation tool is the noise that it makes while in use. It is preferable to use this in the daytime to avoid disturbing others. Also, it would be better if you use it when you are in a large area to decrease the intensity of the noise.

Another common issue is the blade. It wears down easily after massive use. However, you should understand that this is a common issue with all oscillating tools in the market.


The Rockwell RK5140K performance is hailed by many users. Many of the buyers were amazed by its Hyperlock feature. If you are planning to start a home project, you should opt to choose this tool. It can deliver you remarkable results right in your finger tips.

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