Rocky C4T-M Tactical Military Combat Boot Review

The Rocky Men’s C4T is the lightest type of boot that is offered by the Rocky boots manufacturer. The boot is comfortable so you can wear it in any kind of activities. At the same time, it is also durable enough to use when going through a tough terrain.

This boot will keep you light on your feet while offering you superior protection as you are accomplishing your various tasks. It comes with a padded collar that will offer an extra defense to your shin to avoid impact and injury.

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Designed for Training and Casual Wear

The Rocky Men’s C4t is a good boot that is tough and resilient enough to withstand tough training.

Military training is tough and simulations of what happens in the field are often done. In times like this, you would have to go through extreme weathers and experience difficult situations. It is important that during this time you wear training boots that does not only look good but also one that can give you protection.

This boot is designed to handle rigors of continuous drills. It provides the needed flexibility, durability and comfort for long hours and days in the field. Its upper part is made from rugged leather which gives extreme protection from abrasions as well as various environmental elements.

During the days when you are not training, you can also wear these boots casually when you are out with friends or whatever activities you have after training.

NATO Hooks and Speed Laced Loopholes

The NATO hooks and speed laced loopholes makes wearing and removing of shoes easy and effortless. This is an important feature because during training, you won’t have the luxury of time to spend just lacing your shoes. Most of the time, you need to move fast and this includes changing clothes and footwears quickly too.

The speed laced loopholes or eyelets are incorporated in Rocky C4T-M so that you don’t have to constantly lace and unlace your shoes. With the speed laced option, you can easily wear your shoes without the stress of working with your laces. On top of these, the loopholes let you keep the lace tight and in place so it is tucked securely as you do your activities.

Rocky C4T-M Features and Specifications

  • Available color: desert tan
  • Shaft measurement of 8 inches
  • Upper is all man made
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Fast drying
  • NATO hooks and Speed Laced loopholes
  • 550 cord laces
  • Each boot weighs .95 ounces
  • EVA/ rubber outsole that is oil, slip, heat, abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • Breathable lightweight patch
  • Breathable vented drainage openings
  • Toe guard with strengthened stitch
  • Rocky Polyurethane footbed
  • Modular Lightweight Load- Carrying Equipment or MOLLE strap designs in the upper part of the boots.

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Rocky C4T-M Reviews

The Rocky Men’s C4T is a top of the light training boots hence, it is given an editorial rating of 8 out of 10.

A lot of users praised the boots’ performance even during extensive training where it is subjected to different settings and varying weather conditions. Buyers said that with these boots, they can train with confidence because they know that it is made from high-quality materials.

The lightweight and water-resistant feature of this footwear are loved by users. They claimed that they did not have a hard time walking or even climbing hills with this shoe and despite long periods of being exposed to the extreme environment, the boots still held up.

Things to Improve

This training boot is not an authorized combat boots that comply with the standard of AR 670-1 for US army grooming and dress. Since many liked the performance of the boots, they were disappointed when they found out that they can’t use it in the field.

Since this boot is designed only for training and casual activities, you should never use this when in the fields because it can’t offer the protection that other certified combat boots can give.

When compared to other training boots, this product is the lightest that you can get. It is light and breathable which is perfect during the hot and humid days of training. Its features like heat, oil and chemical resistant are also very helpful.


Training can be made more fun and bearable with Rocky Men’s C4T. This boot has already made a name as a military training boots. This is designed to withstand rigorous training which is definitely a game changer.

When you know what your footwear is capable of protecting your feet, you can now focus more on the task at hand. Aside from being resistant to oil, heats and the like, these boots are also resistant to water so you can keep your feet dry even when you are outdoors.

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