The Roomba Series, the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in the Market

If you are keen on the robot vacuum cleaners market, you will realize that the Roomba series is very dominant. It features among the best-selling robot vacuum cleaners on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, among many other top retailers. To say the least, there can be no conversation about robot vacuum cleaners without the mention of Roomba.

Since its introduction, iRobot has asserted itself in the vacuum market, and all this can be attributed to the success of the Roomba. Today, it is the best robot vacuum brand.


Roomba in Numbers

It is without any doubt that numbers tell it all. In an exclusive interview, Colin Angle, the co-founder and CEO of iRobot, suggested that Roomba had the largest market share in robot vacuum cleaners. By mid-2016, TechCrunch also backed these claims by Angle by releasing a new report that puts iRobot’s market share at 70%.

The report further said that over 14 million units of the Roomba had been sold by mid-2016. This sales figure is excellent considering we are talking about a product that starts at around $300. Last year, iRobot had around $660.8 million; a huge portion of this amount came from Roomba sales.

In 2017, with the success we were witnessing with the Roomba 900 series, the company is expecting around $770-785 million in revenue.

Focus on Consumer Home Cleaning

Perhaps the best decision iRobot made is to drop their other pursuits in defense and security robotics in 2016 to concentrate on consumer home cleaning fully. Thereafter, the company channeled all the resources towards R&D in consumer home cleaning. The result was newer and cutting-edge technologies that have led to the realization of superior robot vacuum cleaners that dominate the market.

Another reason that has made the Roomba this success is their approach to problem-solving. Unlike many other brands, they have been keen on solving common cleaning problems. iRobot identified some of the major cleaning problems consumers have and consequently tailored the Roombas to tackle them. Whether you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will fight stains and grimes or a solution to all your pet hair worries, iRobot has a specially engineered cleaner for you.

When it comes to the budget, there’s something for everyone at prices ranging from $300 to $900. In terms of functionality, there are Roombas that have been specially built for specific cleaning needs. For example, the Roomba 980 has been engineered with Carpet Boost, making it perfect for carpet cleaning.

roomba 2

Innovation at its Best

From the time iRobot released the first Roomba in 2002, there have been sporadic technological advancements that have put the Roomba where it is. Like earlier said, iRobot believes so much in R&D, a key factor in innovation. Day by day, iRobot is gearing towards more sophisticated technologies that are, in fact, proprietary. Right now, if you look at their best robot in the series, is the Roomba 980, you will agree with me that it is such a masterpiece.

Among the areas, iRobot is putting much focus on getting a Smart home and advanced navigation systems that will give birth to the ultimate robot vacuum cleaner that works exactly like a human. In fact, the Roomba is poised to be among the first explorers of domestic cleaning AI.

If you look keenly at all the Roombas, one thing remains constant; value for money. Roomba vacuum cleaners offer real value for money. This is when you look at it from a wholesome perspective. When it comes to the main factors that influence a buyer’s choice, Roombas scores highly.

One of the most astounding features is the 3-stage cleaning system eased in all the Roombas. There’s also the patented iAdapt navigation that has greatly evolved over the years. Right now, there is iAdapt 2.0 that even combines local visualization, a feature that makes the Roomba 980 a serious threat to the Dyson 360 Eye, which has been praised for its precise navigation system.

To crown it all, Roombas are dominant when it comes to technology. Some of their other milestones in innovation include Wi-Fi & App compatibility, Carpet Boost mode, Dirt Detection, voice-activated control, and boundary marking. No other robot vacuum brand has better features and cutting-edge technology like the Roomba.

Shopping for Roombas

To end this article, let’s discuss a few things about shopping for Roombas. First, you need to understand your cleaning needs clearly, i.e., the common messes you normally have and, most importantly, your floor type. Also, you will have to set your budget. Roombas range from anything around $300-$900. Remember, the better the features, the higher the cost.

There are several variations of the Roomba, each with its pros and cons. Here is a Roomba comparison review that will help you understand the Roombas better. Most importantly, it will help you make the perfect choice of Roomba.

Wrap Up

No matter how deep you dig into the world of robot vacuum cleaners, you won’t meet a better set of robot vacuum cleaners like the Roombas. This is self-evident when you look at the top and pioneer technologies commonly used in vacuum cleaners; iRobot pioneered all these technologies that are now being tweaked and used by other brands. In terms of wholesomeness, the Roombas are well endowed.

For example, the Roomba 980; is superior for its cleaning performance, navigation, convenience, and communication. If you are looking for reliability and value for money regardless of your budget, get a Roomba, and you won’t regret it!