Rough Country 609S Jeep Lift Kit Review

Jeep lifts are undeniably helpful tools in maximizing the benefits of vehicles like jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. These tools are needed when it comes to transporting processes as well as for hauling needs. The Rough Country 609S is one of these lifts for the Jeep Wrangler. If you are looking for a smooth highway ride, then this is the perfect suspension system for you.

Aside from that, the Rough Country has the capacity to give a remarkable off-road experience and performance to the users. In order to meet the standards of OEM, this suspension lift is engineered with perfection and quality in mind. To make it really more beneficial, the angle of the track bar is positioned appropriately.

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3.5” Lift Kit with Nuts and Bolts

This suspension lift system will impress you with its 3.5” lift system. Customers are searching for devices that would include everything that they will need. The Rough Country is already complete with nuts and bolts. You don’t need to search for these parts anymore. Aside from this, the coil springs are already made from the factory.

You will surely love the ability of this product to lift it without any problem. The angle is also adjusted up to 10% in order to give the coil spring a chance to function with accuracy and precision. This is why many professionals are also opting to this suspension system. It is not only efficient but time savvy as well.

Not all the suspension lift systems in the market have the inclusion of nuts and bolts. This kit is what you need if you are looking for the complete parts. The nuts and bolts are provided in generous number so you can use it in a number of applications.

Unique Coil Springs

Rough Country 690S lift system contains unique coil springs that can deliver remarkable results. The factory-coiled springs are unmatched by other brands. It was made in accordance with the stock spring rate, which serves as its ultimate edge. The coil correction plates are able to set the angle correctly at 10 degrees.

The rear coil springs are made extraordinary because of this. The efficiency of these rear coil springs is able to meet the expectations of the Jeep users. They are able to lift their vehicles at their preferred height. This is one of the reasons why many users consider these coil springs as reliable devices. These coil springs are perfect to use for 2-door or 4-door models. You must note that it can still be used to other models as well.

Rough Country Features & Specifications

  • More ground clearance – this suspension lift kit has the ability to increase the ground clearance more than the other ordinary devices
  • Stock height – the stock height can be brought back to its original measure
  • Proper axle angle – this feature is very important in the proper execution of the lift
  • POM ball joints – these are primarily used for free movement and make the installation process easier and more efficient
  • Fabricated lift blocks – they have longer usage life rather than the cast lift blocks
  • Shock Absorbers – these offer balance performance of the suspension lift
  • Cutting and Grinding are required by this kit
  • New lift blocks replacement for old ones
  • Factory wheels are retained
  • Lifetime Warranty Replacement

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Rough Country Reviews

The Rough Country 690S suspension kit is able to garner a rating of 8.5 out of 10 from the customer reviews. This rating speaks for itself. Many consumers are satisfied with its unique coil spring as well as the clearance that it is able to provide.

Many users are also very happy with the price of this kit. They were able to purchase it at such an affordable price. This lift really works well for those customers who own a jeep. They also mentioned that they are able to maximize the use of the nuts and bolts.

One customer uses it for his 2-door model. According to him, he would definitely buy this suspension lift kit again. The 3.5-inch lift is perfect for his jeep. He said that he has not yet seen such a remarkable suspension lift.

Another customer review mentioned that this is perfect for off-road use. He was able to maximize all the inclusion in the kit. The nuts and bolts are used for several applications. He is endorsing this suspension lift system for all the jeep owners, especially for those who have the 2-door model.

Things to Improve

The Rough Country 609S is indeed a great suspension lift for certain jeep models. However, the damper needs to be removed and it may take some time for some. AWD models are also not compatible with this suspension lift system.


The Rough Country 609S is the perfect suspension kit to own if you are looking for an affordable device for your Jeep. It has everything that you’ll need in the kit. Aside from it, you will surely be amazed by its remarkable performance.

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