Royal Purple 11722 Fuel Stabilizer Review

Royal Purple 11722 is a state-of-the-art fuel stabilizer, which is known for its maximum cleaning power. The solution is a synthetic formulation that could deeply clean and improve the quality of your gasoline. It penetrates and invigorates intake valves, combustion chambers, and injectors, among others. Its use would ensure reduction in emission and restoration of fuel economy all at the same time.

By having the product, you would have a worth-it remedy for your years-long stored fuels. In a small treatment guided by Max-Clean, you would make any of your engines or vehicles work as necessary.

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Efficient Treatment Minus Wastage

If you are looking for a fuel stabilizer that could clean your fuel without necessarily requiring large amounts of treatment, this is a product to consider. Prior to fueling a tank, you could simply use six ounces of the fuel stabilizer. Each, with the said amount could, can cure up to 20 gallons of gasoline. You could use the stabilizer for both four-stroke and two-stroke engines.

On the other hand, you may also use the 20 ounces can for 10,000 miles interval. Simply pour the contents of the cleaner into an empty tank before fueling. If you would treat sizes of tanks beyond the said range, you need one ounce per gallon. For two-cycle engines, you have to use an ounce for every couple of gallons.

EPA/ CARB Compliant

Royal Purple 11722 fuel stabilizer is compliant to the standard of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Environmental Protection Agency (CARB), ensuring that it is a complete same product to use. In addition, it is designed not to add up pollution-related issues to the environment. It would help your engines contribute lesser amount of emissions that could lead to health issues.

A manufacturer who does not follow the standards set by the regulatory boards would need to pay a fine of as much as $25,000. Federal law in the United States requires obtention of product certification every year with EPA by manufacturers.

The purpose of EPA and CARB is to get rid of emissions, which lead to air pollution, community sickness, and major environmental damage. Primarily, the agencies would like to decrease the amounts of hydrocarbons (HC) in the air, which are partially burned fuel molecules that could respond to atmosphere through developing smog. As proven by studies, HCs are toxic that cause health problems like cancer.

Furthermore, EPA and CARB highlight the need to remove further exhaust product generation in the air, which is a particulate matter that could result to respiratory issues. Nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2) are also concerns of the environmental agencies.

Royal Purple 11722 Features and Specifications

The fuel stabilizer is manufactured in the United States, specifically by Royal Purple. It is a three-in-one formula aiming to stabilize your fuel and enhance the performance of vehicles. The container of the product has dimensions of 2.6 inches by 2.6 inches by 9.7 inches. The total weight, on the other hand, is 1.2 pounds.

To learn more about the product, given are its other features:

  • Reduced air pollution – It could get rid of as much as 12 percent of hydrocarbon emissions, 13 percent for NOx, and 18 percent for CO, among others.
  • No more engine problems – Since the product could improve the performance of your vehicle, you no longer have to be concerned about stalling, idle, and hesitation. It would even avoid premature spark plug fouling. Even the engine pinging and knocking that are linked to deposits could be mitigated.
  • Stabilized fuel – Even if you have stored the fuel for years or a long time, you could keep it working efficiently.
  • More power – The fuel stabilizer would increase the horsepower of your machine by 2.6 percent on the average.
  • Suitable for any fleet or vehicle – The solution has been tested to various models of fleet and vehicle, guaranteeing that it is a worth-it product to use.
  • Longer engine life span – You would be able to lengthen the life of your engine or vehicle with the product since it inhibits oxidation and corrosion.

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Royal Purple 11722 Reviews

The editor’s rating for Royal Purple 11722 is 9 out of 10.

Most of the product reviews are positive. According to the satisfied users of fuel stabilizer, the solution could save you from a lot of issues, such as fixing your car’s engine due to abnormally quick fuel consumption. Moreover, the feedbacks usually described the product has a worth-the-money fuel stabilizer for it indeed assists in restoring an aging fuel.

Things to Improve

Some of the reviews claimed that the fuel did not improve their engine’s performance, which shows that the results may vary from time to time. Nonetheless, the users reiterated that their engine may not have improved for it has a different issue aside from fuel.


Overall, Royal Purple 11722 is a great buy, especially now that real users could attest that it works – improves fuel quality and engine performance.

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