Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost Review

Having a car requires proper maintenance to prolong the lifespan to the maximum extent possible. While some are having regular schedules for their cars to be checked in auto services, it would be of great help to have Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost included in your maintenance routine.

This product aims to provide a solution for your engine problems particularly in aspects related to fuel consumption issues. Octane boosters are essential in fuel treatment to accelerate gasoline octane, decreases emissions, and improves greatly the engine performance while stabilizing fuel. Using Royal Purple 11757 reveals the full potential of the engine.

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51yPmD9xZKL 2Safety of Usage

Royal Purple 11757 has been formulated with MMT, which is known for delivering the most excellent octane enhancement that assists in eliminating uncontrollable combustion, pre-ignition, and knocking caused by low octane petrol. Moreover, Royal Purple 11757 can be used both with leaded or unleaded gasoline. It is also fine to be mixed with gasohol, reformulated petrol, and almost all blended ethanol.

Additionally, it can be safely used as well for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. It is primarily made for engines equipped with carburetors, direct injection, and port fuel injection, turbocharged, supercharged, as well as nitrous-injected engines.

Unparalleled Engine Protection

Compared to performance engine oils which from time to time develops into smalls blockages, Max-Boost contains a lower level of phosphorous as an anti-weight additive. The higher the level of phosphorous, it can accumulate into catalytic converters, therefore, reducing the effectiveness. Furthermore, Royal Purple 11757 provides incomparable protection against deterioration of the catalytic converters.

Having this high level of protection, vehicle engines, whatever their type is can have a longer lifespan compared to non-usage of Royal Purple 11757 octane boosters. Moreover, octane is known to have the ability to protect against possible engine damages.

Royal Purple 11757 Features and Specifications

  • Removes lead additives for increased protection. This is to prevent accumulation of lead additives that may lead to severe problems in the future.
  • Increases octane level up to 30 points. The higher the level of octane, the more possible for the engine to showcase its full potential.
  • Restores power and fuel economy. Having Max-Boost in the fuel system can clean deposits from fuel injectors, therefore, restoring power and a cut from your buddy as well.
  • Decreases power loss due to knock-retard. Octane boosters can efficiently reduce power loss in computer-controlled vehicles.
  • Stabilizes fuel. Because Max-Boost reduces knocking or pinging, it results to fuel stabilization.

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Royal Purple 11757 Reviews

The effectiveness of Royal Purple 11757 is undeniable, and we are giving this a rating of 9.8/10. A user of this product said that a huge difference was observed when he first used the item. Since then, he feels that having the product is the best experience he had as regards to engine maintenance. He even bet that this the best booster that really works.

Another user claimed that using Royal Purple 11757 is a compensation by increasing the octane average and therefore leads to far less timing pull, especially during very hot weather. He even noted the decrease in power loss during full throttle.

The removal of some deposits from the combustion chamber was observed by a certified purchaser. He said that idle becomes smoother with lesser hiccups, and power feels better than before. He was so happy to have the results he was expecting. He then recommends it to other car owners as well.

Things to Improve

Royal Purple 11757 is almost close to perfection. However, there are still changes and adjustments needed in order to achieve and provide satisfaction to clients. The pricing is low compared to other octane booster products available in the market.

According to its reviews, many are not sure when and where to use the product. Improving the packaging to show additional information regarding its proper usage can be one of the major issues the company needs to resolve. Furthermore, offering free items as a promotional tool can be of great help as well to market the product.

Aside from online stores, the availability of the product must be seen by the public in certain shops, malls, and other accredited stores. Unlike any other octane boosters, this has been one of the best-rated products that fall under the same category.


The ratings and reviews about Royal Purple 11757 are testimonies as regards to its quality and effectivity. It is a must-have item for vehicle owners who wishes to improve their car engines. Additionally, having the item can prevent you from future expensive repairs due to uncontrolled combustion within the engine’s cylinders.

Deposits accumulated to the engine chambers can be effectively removed to clean the inner parts of the engine. Having a clean engine results to better performance and smoother driving experience. Royal Purple 11757 is a trusted brand for this category.

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