Rubicon Express RE7030 Jeep Lift Kit Review

If you are searching for the cheapest suspension system, then Rubicon Express RE7030 is the one you are looking for. Though it is affordable, it is also one of the most efficient lifts for vehicles. It has the capacity to provide more clearance for larger tires. The suspension of Jeep is ensured to be of high-quality. It can maintain it at its peak performance.

You will surely like the simplicity of the installation procedure of this suspension lift system. You will find it easy to fit the 1.75-inch coil spring spacers without any assistance from someone. After fitting, you are now ready to place the Rubicon Express in all the four corners and your vehicle is ready to set off.

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Budget Saver Spacer

The Rubicon Express is one of the most affordable tools for gaining more clearance as well as flexibility from the TJ. You will be able to increase the vertical height by about 2’’ using the spring spacers. The travel shocks are able to provide a nice ride meant for sports purposes.

Other suspension lifts in the market come with a higher price. The Rubicon Express is offered at such an affordable price without undermining the quality. You can avail this one without spending more than $300. That’s already a good bargain, isn’t it?

This economy kit is an efficient way to upgrade your suspension system without spending much. You get to have more tire clearance as well as great flexibility without affecting the quality of the ride. Rubicon also ensures that their products are going to deliver the best riding performance for their customers.

Shorter Installation Time

Most people search for devices that will give them efficiency as well as ease of use. It will not be practical to avail a device that would take ages to install or assemble. This kind of complexity should be avoided as much as possible. Most customers search for simple procedures that they can follow.

The Rubicon Express RE7030 would only take 4-6 hours to install. This is incredibly fast compared to other suspension lifts. Aside from that, there are not many procedures to do. After fitting the spacers, you can place the Rubicon Express right away.

The 2-inch coil spacer is also very easy to install, that is why you won’t waste much time in accomplishing each step. The fitment of this suspension lift is versatile enough to cover several models. If you own several Jeep models, then you should consider owning one of this Rubicon Express. You don’t need to avail a suspension lift because the fitment of this lift is applicable to many models.

Rubicon Express RE7030 Features & Specifications

  • Fits 97-06 Jeep Wranglers – unlike other lifts, Rubicon Express is applicable to different models from the year 1997-2006. This makes this device appealing to most of the Jeep owners.
  • Moderate Level of Difficulty installation – the installation procedure is very easy to follow. You don’t need assistance in installing this suspension system.
  • 4-6 hours – the installation could take 4 to 6 hours. This is already fast compared to other suspension systems.
  • Rear bump stops.
  • Tube Shocks – precision valves.
  • Lifetime warranty – this feature is one of the best because the users can have their device fixed and check whenever there is a problem.
  • 31 -32’ of tires – it can cover up to this diameter.

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Rubicon Express RE7030  Reviews

The Rubicon Express RE7030 received a rating of 7.5 out of 10 from the customer reviews. The Budget Boost has gained popularity among the customers because of its incredibly low price for such quality. Most of the customer reviews highlighted its efficient performance when it comes to providing more clearance.

One user certified that he was able to enjoy his sports ride all because of the Rubicon Express. He even mentioned that this suspension lift has never failed him even before. He testified that Rubicon Express is so effective when it comes to Sports Vehicle. He recommends it to the sports enthusiasts out there.

Another review noted that they are able to benefit from its versatility. He is an owner of different models of Jeep. He is very grateful for Rubicon Express. He said he doesn’t need to spend much money on maintaining and upgrading his collection of Jeep.

All of these positive reviews prove that the Rubicon Express is indeed an effective suspension device without hurting your pocket.

Things to Improve

If there is something to improve with this suspension lift system, it would be its installation time. Although it is quicker to install it than the other lifts, it is much better if the procedure will be even shortened. In this case, users will be able to maximize its benefits.


The Rubicon Express RE7030 is the perfect suspension lift for you if you are searching for an exceptionally affordable device. It is affordable but surely with high-quality. This device is so effective in providing more clearance and flexibility. Check out the best Jeep lift kit reviews for more insights and reviews.

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