A Run Down of Air Compression Tools Types and Usage

Among those gaining in popularity is the air compressor tools in contrast with the use of electric tools. Because it is gaining popularity, the air compressor tools are now made cheaper for both homeowners and businesses alike.

Air Tools vs Electric Tools

Here are some comparisons why air compressor tools are better:

  1. The built-in motor present in electric tools makes it heavier and bulky compared to the other.
  2. Air compressor tool create more torque because it is able to make more revolutions per minute
  3. It is much more efficient to use because you can complete tasks faster than using an electric tool
  4. Air compressor tools are durable and are somehow indestructible if properly maintained. Has only a small number of moving parts, so oiling is usually done for maintenance, plus they don’t overheat.
  5. With the aid of a quick coupler which an accessory that is attached to the air line of most of the tool, this enables changing fast and simple.

Varied sizes are also available ranging from a mini air compressor, to a truck air compressor and even to large industrial sized compressors. Of course there are also many kinds of air compressors such as the rotary screw compressor, the gas compressor and the electric compressor.

Air Compressor Tool Kit

Type of Air Tools

There are many varieties of air compressor tools too and among those, the most convenient ones are the impact wrench and the inflation kit:

  • Inflation Kit- this kits will help you inflate many kinds of inflatable objects such as inflating tires, air mattresses and balls.
  • Impact Wrench- it is somehow like the air ratchet wrench that is primarily used in construction work and automotive. It is ideal for tightening bolt and adding torque.

One of a good use of an air compression tool is when you need to clean a hard area where a blow gun is ideal. It will help you get rid of the dirt, dust and grease for those hard to reach areas with its high pressure steams when it pump air.

Another efficient tool to use for nailing down drywall or shingles is by the use of an air stapler which is similar to the nail gun.

Automotive body shops use the air sander also known as sand blasters for removing rust and old paint. Almost all sandblaster have adapter kit that is used for power washing with detergents and water.

Another very popular tool is the ratchet wrench which is almost like the impact wrench. It is primarily used in construction work and automotive and is ideal for adding torque and for tightening bolts.

Lastly is the chisel also known as the air hammer that works well for masonry applications. This tool allows effortless drilling to any surface by air drills.


Owning an air compressor tool and an air compressor is a very good investment because it makes work efficient and also it is very easy to change its attachments for effortless use. Each air tool has a different requirement for CFM, PSI and other metrics, so do make sure you carefully understand these before use them with the air compressors.