SDX HID Headlights™ Review

For most people, including myself, the first thing that affects my buying decision lies between the quality and price. Although it’s really hard to find a product created with good performance and sold at a reasonable price, there are still goods that are budget friendly and at the same time, efficient. These products are sold in the market. However, you just need to put extra effort in researching to find out where to buy it.

Fortunately, SDX HID Headlights™ Xenon “Slim” Conversion Kit, 9006, 6000K can be easily bought in the market. Also, it has one thing that makes rare – it is efficiently bright yet, it is sold under a hundred bucks. Compared to other expensive headlights, maybe the only difference is the brand name and its design. Other than those, the quality will surely make the buyer feel like they have bought an expensive one.

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Ever since SDX HID Headlights came out in the market, customers have flocked to find out about its performance. No doubt, it had reached the satisfaction of the customers while some even experienced that it has exceeded their expectation.

It has become the number one choice because the great quality it portrayed plus, the customer service it has provided for the headlight conversion kit concerns and inquiries from the consumers.

Installation is Easy and Convenient

For a highly efficient headlight, this is too simple and easy to be installed. Usually, most headlights require time, effort and skills but with this one, it surprisingly takes only an hour or less. SDX HID Headlights has proven its user-friendly feature because of its easy-to-follow installation steps.

Also, in any case, you find it hard to follow or there’s some concern or issues arising, their experienced technical support team is more than willing and happy to assist you.

SDX HID Headlights™ Xenon “Slim” Conversion Kit, 9006, 6000K Features

The headlight, aside from what is stated above, has few more wonderful features to offer and these are as follows:

  • Luminescence Efficiency is about > 85% – The device is very bright and in fact, it is even one of the brightest headlights.
  • Easy to Install – It takes less than an hour to use with its easy installation and, in case you find it complicated, it has a ready-to-support customer service to answer your inquiries and concerns about the product.
  • 100% Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof – The product continued to amaze every potential buyer with its capability to resist water, dust, and even thump.
  • Available in different sizes – The device gives a user the chance to find out which size will fit their vehicle perfectly.

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SDZ HID Headlights Reviews and Ratings

The product is popular and commonly sued; in fact, it already has over 1,000 reviews. For this reason, plus the fact that it works perfectly on me, lets me decide to give it 9 stars out of 10. Not only I have become satisfied but as well many hundred other out there.

One user has shared how delighted he is with the product. First, it has an easy-to-replace light bulb thus, making it a great investment for his truck. Also, it has given great value for his money as it is the best light to choose when you want to give your ride a nice, cheap upgrade.

Another user stated how amazing he finds the light bulbs are. The price is surprisingly cheap, however, the lights used had clearly lighted the road while he is driving. He has even recommended the use of this device to other users.

Things to Improve

However, just like how other products are, this device has flaws normally. Some users stated dissatisfaction by receiving light bulbs with different colors. He has received the kit from an online shop. Also, another review is all about receiving a pair of HID that looks already worn out. However, since the device was returned, the user tried the new piece and had been satisfied since then. These are some of the minor flaws of the product that won’t be a threat to its performance. Therefore, the product is still recommended to those who want to give their vehicles a brand new upgrade.


The SDX HID Headlights is astonishingly cheap compared to its competitors however, it has achieved the award for being a top quality and great customer service because of the performance it has given to the users.  Also, the device is easy-to-install thus; it is perfect for beginners and other users.

Overall, the quality, performance and condition of the device let me conclude that it is worth investing for your own safety and protection. Plus, it can help you save money, so there’s really no reason for you not to consider this product.

To find out more about SDX HID Headlight, kindly click here.

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