Senco PC1131 Compressor Review

The Senco PC1131 Compressor is a great tool for many of our home improvement projects. Renovating a house becomes easier, more convenient, and faster. A lot of woodworking projects are also finished on time because of this powerful and functional air compressor.

I’ve been dreaming of transforming my house into something more modern, unique, and elegant. I was quite worried about the costs of the labourers and the supplies. When my brother told me that I could opt for do-it-yourself projects for our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, the adrenaline rush just functioned outright and it directed me to powerhouse tools such as the Senco PC1131 Compressor. I really saved a lot of money, time, and effort from purchasing the product, and I would love to share my experience about this amazing find.

A Multi-Purpose Device

Senco PC1131 Compressor is designed for a lot of purposes. It is capable of inflating tires, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and air mattresses. Surprisingly, it can also be use to power air tools such as nail guns, palm nailers, cutting tools, socket wrenches, screwdrivers, sanders, polishers, and many others.

This multi-purpose device is considered as one of the best sellers of Amazon in the home improvement category. It is also built with uncontested durability expected by professional contractors in the construction industry.

As a major home improvement air compressor, it acts as a great support mechanism for a lot of inexpensive tools. The force that it drives to push each air-powered tool reduces the work or energy that an individual has to exert. As a multi-purpose device, it is definitely cost- and energy-efficient.

A Direct Drive Motor

What makes Senco PC1131 Compressor impressive specifically is its direct drive motor feature. A direct drive motor has a lot of benefits, and these include a machine having lower noise emission, increased efficiency, and longer lifetime.

With this great description about Senco PC1131 Compressor, it makes it possible for every individual and family to save a lot of money, time and effort. They don’t have to worry about stocking up on expensive tools since Senco PC1131 Compressor will let one invest on cheaper tools such as an air-powered nail gun which costs around $100 only compared to a standalone model which costs roughly $250.

In term of efficiency, the product is definitely reliable. A lot of people have discovered that air-powered tools produce more force than the standard ones. I feel also feel very lucky to have found this great ally when working on my old home and changing some of its parts little by little, depending on my budget. Unexpectedly, I got to renovate my house and finish my intended projects in just four months. The house roof and the gutter have been repaired, the bathroom fixtures have been changed, and the other house rooms have nice and overwhelming fittings.

Senco PC1131 Features and Specifications

  • The Senco PC1131 Compressor consists of cast iron sleeve and cast iron cylinder.
  • The compressor generates 4.4 CFM to support different types of applications such as framing and finishing.
  • It indulges in a twin tank configuration to let nail guns, impact wrenches and other tools to use air intermittently.
  • The standard equipment includes a pressure gauge and 1/4” universal coupler regulator.
  • The product weighs 60 pounds which fallinto the category of portable air compressor models.

Senco PC1131 Customer Reviews and Scores

Senco PC1131 Compressor is a very functional and reliable home and commercial device. It is highly compatible with tools such as polishers, nail guns, and socket wrenches.

The product has generated more than 60 reviews, and it has earned 4.3 out of 5 stars. The customer reviews on Amazon are mostly positive. One customer mentioned, “This product is everything I ask for. It arrived with oil installed, so it’s ready right out of the box. I use this for framing and roofing, and I’m very pleased that I made the right choice of purchasing the product.”

Another customer highlighted Senco PC1131 Compressor’s being “…light and easy to utilize. It has a good price with its amazing value at home and in construction sites. It has a short run time when recharging, and it is not really loud when it runs. It has plenty of power to support our framing guns.”

A few not so good feedbacks about the product revolve around its heftiness because some people were expecting it to be very lightweight. One customer pointed out though that “it is quite lighter compared to other units, and the way it is built only shows that it is designed to be very durable and long-lasting.”

The only con that a lot of customers have observed about Senco PC1131 Compressor is its weight. However, it is still highly recommendable, as another customer has emphasized, “It has the best build up rate as a small compressor. I sprayed ceiling texture most of the time, and it just ran all the time. When I turned the gun off, it automatically shut down in about seven or eight seconds.”


When shopping for a home air compressor, there is no need to doubt on Senco PC1131 Compressor. Its 2.5 horsepower, 4.3 gallon, and 4.4 CFM are numbers worth relying on.

How efficient is the product in delivering results for DIY projects? I was quite reluctant at first to buy one because I am not very skilled in house construction. I was quite surprised though when an ordinary person, like my friend in a social networking site, could build a pergola for his family. So I took the challenge, allotted a small budget, and found my way to collecting different modern designs for my house.

The most significant decision that I have made is investing in tools such as the Senco PC1131 Compressor to help me do all of the major work that requires restructuring, repainting, and rebuilding. The tasks were fun and exciting. The results were fantastic as well, and I am really going to utilize Senco PC1131 Compressor in my other upcoming home projects.