Sengoku HMN-110 Kerosene Heater Review

Sengoku HMN-110 is also known as HeatMate model of the well-known provider of high-quality heaters worldwide. The product is a radiant kerosene heater new design, which is designed for 10,000 British thermal units (BTU) design. It is a highly safe and easy-to-use heater, giving your family a great alternative during emergency power outages. Even if you have no electricity source, it would still work and cover up to 380 square feet area.

Compared with other models, the heating machine is lighter. It could also keep your room heated up to 14 hours depending on your temperature preference. Other exemplary features of the product are the push button start, safety grills, and automatic safety shut off.wide orange418KDCUEvL

Radiant Kerosene Heater

This type of heater enables you to heat up a room better than using an electric warming appliance. Even without electricity, it would burn off the wick effectively, generating much needed heat. Furthermore, kerosene works astoundingly, ensuring that despite extra warmth, you would not suffer from hazards of fire. You could also save tons of fuel with the use of kerosene heater. Additionally, do not forget that it could also help you reduce your electricity bill.

Do you know that radiant kerosene heaters have been around for more than a century? This is one of the major reasons why it is still adapted for different products. By using a small quantity of kerosene, you could already heat up your small place for seven days. Take note that the amount of fuel you use is equal to gasoline you need to warm your room that would not even last for 24 hours.

Furthermore, kerosene heaters are known for being affordable since these do not require too many components unlike with the electric ignition system.

Easy Maintenance

Sengoku HMN-110 is very easy to maintain the quality of the heater since everything is in its manual. Apart from the clear instructions in setting up the heater for warming your room, you also have steps to follow for wick maintenance and carbon removal.

The heater is still similar to other warming machines, which accumulate carbon. Through the manual, you could manageably get rid of the kerosene burning residues. As a result, you would be able to avoid sooting and sustain the ignition efficiency.

In addition, you do not need anyone who is an expert in mechanical work simply to remove the carbon from the unit. This maintenance is done weekly, particularly during the heating season.

You would also be guided on the daily checks of the heater, such as to verify if the tip-over device or fuel gauge is still in good condition.

Sengoku HMN-110 Features and Specifications

Sengoku HMN-110 is a radiant kerosene heater, which has an output of 10,000 BTUs per hour at the maximum. The cartridge or fuel tank of the machine could take in 1.2 gallons. The continuous combustion time of the machine is 14.5 hours to 16 hours. Furthermore, the maximum fuel consumption of the heater is 0.08 gallons per hour.

The weight of the heater when empty is 20 pounds. The dimensions of the unit are 19.7 inches by 18.5 inches by 12.2 inches. Additionally, its maximum wick height is 0.5 inch or 13 millimeters. Lastly, the product is also an UL listed appliance.

To expand the unit’s evaluation, here are its other major features:

  • Utmost safety features – You do not have to be concerned about hazards when using the heater, especially now that it uses fuel, for it could avoid fire with automatic shut-off switch, protected guard, and tip-over switch.
  • Long lasting wick – The wick included in the package of the product is high quality and would last long.
  • Good construction – The heater has a good structure, ensuring that it could be useful for long, which further magnifies its efficient performance.
  • Silent operation – The unit does not operate while keeping your family from falling asleep. It is designed not to be extremely loud when warming up an area.
  • Easy fill-up – You may refuel the heater easily. You simply have to remove the tank from the unit, fill it, and place it back minus the hassle.
  • Trusted manufacturer – The product comes from a company that has more than 60 years of experience in producing alternative heating products.wide orange

Sengoku HMN-110 Reviews

The editor’s rating for Sengoku HMN-110 is 8.2 out of 10.

The product obtained a positive reception from its existing users and buyers. According to them, the heater is a great emergency preparedness unit. It works as intended at a considerable longer runtime. Furthermore, it does save a lot of kerosene despite warming a large space.

Things to Improve

The poor reviews of the product emphasized that the sound during the heater’s ignition should at least be removed or improved. According to one review, the chime may not be too loud but could still wake up people near the unit.


Sengoku HMN-110 is a generally recommendable product for it has real-life proven features and advantages to offer. Plus, it is a good investment to save more in the future.

However, you are free to compare the product with other options, which you could do by checking out the best kerosene heater reviews.wide orange