Shell Rotella T6- The Best Synthetic Motor Oil Review

Shell Rotella T6 is considered as heavy duty engine oil meant for heavy duty engines.  If you are looking for synthetic oil for your engine, then this is the one.  This is considered as the best motor oil for diesel engines.  The main highlight of this oil is its ability to effectively get rid of unwanted particles in the engine.  This results to a cleaner engine.

It is created with the latest technology in reducing the consumption of fuel.  This means that you don’t need to spend much for fuel since it is very economical. If you are interested to know more about the reasons why you need to buy this motor oil, then this article is for you.

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Low Ash Technology

You would rarely find motor oil products with this feature.  The great news is Shell Rotella T6 proudly carries this feature.  It provides stability in oxidation which results to low ash production.  This may seem to be a typical feature for most motor oil brands but the truth is that it is very difficult to come up with the right combination of compounds to achieve the low-ash production.

Rotella T6 is made with the advanced technology of low sulfur inclusion.  Aside from this, the additives make it possible for the engine to withstand early wearing and damage.  With this feature, it doesn’t only improve emission; it also helps in reducing the harmful emissions in the environment.  The additive package also makes it last longer so you don’t need to change oil for a longer period of time.

The low ash technology is highly imperative for different vehicles.  Rotella T6 utilizes this feature by low ash production during the combustion process.  You should know that motor oils must pass the standards of vehicle manufacturers.  It is fully synthetic oil that has exceedingly passed the OEM requirements for vehicles.  This technology also provides supreme protection to your engine and is a fit for catalytic converters.

This motor oil has particle filters that keep the fuel clean and free from unwanted debris. The low sulphated ash is indeed safer than high contents of additives that can cause higher ash emission.  If you are concerned with the environment and would like heavy duty diesel engine motor oil, then you obviously need Rotella T6.

Advanced Technology in Oil Viscosity

You might be wondering what oil viscosity means.  It is actually the measure of the ability of the oil to flow in a given temperature.  Of course, you know that oil tends to be dense. The consistency of motor oils depends on their thickness or thinness.

Rotella T6 is comprised of thinner oil to save much oil.  This is usually recommended by car manufacturers.  Rotella T6 has passed the test because of its ability to improve the fuel conservation by at least two percentage.  The higher the viscosity rate, the more efficient the motor oil is.  This motor oil also features higher viscosity index improvers.

Rotella T6 is noted to have less drag because of its thinner oil.  This results to less friction and would also extend the life of your engine.  You would be able to use your engine smoothly without much expense on your fuel consumption.  This feature is indeed very important because of the continuous increase on the price of fuel.  You would surely find Rotella T6 to be a cost-effective option.

Rotella T6 Features and Specifications

  • Synthetic oil – It has better viscosity in different types of temperature. You can also rely on it in severe weather conditions.
  • Advanced viscosity rate – It is very economical because of lower fuel consumption. The thin oil makes it possible to have better viscosity grade that is rated by car manufacturers.
  • Easy start of engine – You won’t have a problem in starting your engine even if the engine is in cold state.
  • Superior wear and tear protection – This motor oil has an improved technology to avoid pre-mature engine wearing. It is much better than the earlier versions.
  • Low Ash production – This makes it a more eco-friendly product compared to other motor oils in the market with higher ash production.
  • Versatility – This is compatible with almost all types of engines as long as it uses diesel.
  • Multifunctional – This is considered as heavy duty synthetic oil that has several functions.

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Rotella T6 Ratings

Rotella T6 received a rating of 9 out of 10 from most of its consumers.  People are very satisfied with its performance with heavy duty engines.  Some of the feedbacks even stated that this is the best motor oil out in the market.

One customer praised it for the superior protection on his engine.  The customer was able to use his engine for a longer period of time.  He is also very relieved that his engine is protected from early wearing.

Things to Improve

There is one thing to watch out for in Rotella T6 motor oil.  It is the sudden increase in oil pressure.  However, this problem is actually very easy to resolve though, and it only requires a little improvement on the oil viscosity.  Note that it is still better than any other synthetic oil in the market.


Rotella T6 is sure to be a must-have motor oil for heavy engines.  This is considered as the best synthetic oil for heavy duty engines.  If you would like to know more about this product, then you ought to check the best synthetic oil reviews here.

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2 thoughts on “Shell Rotella T6- The Best Synthetic Motor Oil Review

  1. Hi
    You say that this oil is compatible with most engines as long as it uses diesel. My friend uses it on his motorcycle and he says it does a great job, very smooth transitioning from one gear to another. So my question is:
    1. can you use it on motorcycles & on petrol driven engines?

    • Hi Errol ,

      Not sure how you found this website , and i can see you asked this question some time ago but as an avid user of shell rotella t6 i can definetly advise it is safe for petrol engines.

      I have previously used this oil in all different motorbikes and cars i have had so far and have not had any single issue.

      To give you an idea i have had a Triumph Daytona 675 , Suzuki SV650s , Yamaha MT-09 with this oil and no issues at all arose out of using this oil , your friend is correct that it allows smooth gear shifting because the transmission in a motorcycle shares the engine oil (there is no special transmission oil for most modern motorcycles) so if you were to put in any “new” oil you would still get that smooth feeling.

      I have also used this oil on my Honda S2000 and it would not burn any oil unless i specifically pushed the car hard and drove aggressively on a constant nature and even then it would not burn much , because of the oil’s thickness even as a fully synthetic (5w-40) it requires a substancial amount of heat generation to dissipate the oil.

      As a general rule of thumb follow your owners manual with relation to what oil viscosity you should use but speaking from experience the best weight oil to use is (5w-30) if your engine isnt old (below 250,000km). that way the oil gets to where it needs to go faster when you turn the key and when the oil is up to operating temperature it flows quicker around your engine thus cooling it faster then using something thicker. (40 is thicker then 30). your petrol consumption will also go down very slightly.

      As a final pro-tip , never use any oil thicker then 10w-40 unless you plan on racing your car as putting thicker oil then that will ruin your seals and cause immense oil leaks over time.

      Good Luck!

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