Shop Fox W1668 Bench Top Drill Press Review

Finding the right power tools is a must for most home owners in these modern times. Although there are some home renovation tasks that have to be delegated to professionals such as technicians and plumbers, some home repair and decoration projects can be done by every ordinary individual.

The best home drill press is a great power tool that is widely chosen by many consumers. The Shop Fox W1668 Drill Press is one option that many people consider because of its many features.


Have I tried it in my house? I have used it for a lot of times already, and it is a reliable power tool. There have been a lot of changes in my house, especially in our dining area and living room. I installed a mini bar by creating a unique wine shelf. Our living room has also been more organized by creating some storage boxes and cabinets.

What made me decide to buy the Shop Fox W1668? For me, it is the best bench-top drill press cum spindle sandler because it could let my house become clutter-free and attractive. I was sold out by the features and details of the product which are discussed in this drill press review.

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A Machine That Works as a Real Drill Press

Without question, anyone who tested the product has told that the Shop Fox drill press serves its real purpose – a real drill press to rely on for every home improvement task. It has all the right features of the best benchtop drill press. It has the sufficient motor power to keep the machine running smoothly.

Moreover, the machine offers various types of speed so it could adjust smoothly to different materials such as plastic, wood, and metal. The drill chuck operates as needed with its size, which meets the standard for the size of drill chucks in different powered tools.

A Dual-Purpose Power Tool

The Shop Fox drill press comes with an oscillating sander. This makes it possible for anyone to accomplish sanding operations. The tool can be turned from a drill presser to a sander by moving out the worktable and utilizing the base for sanding.

This feature is an attractive feature for DIY lovers. Many people take advantage of this feature so they could save a lot of money or to have an additional sanding tool and produce more finished work.

Shop Fox W1668 Features and Specifications

  • Has a ¾ hp motor and 110 volts, which makes it capable of generating up to 1,725 rpm
  • Drill chuck is 5/8 inch in size
  • Provides up to 12 speed options to perfectly drill every type of material
  • Comes with an oscillating sander to smoothen wood surfaces and reduce heat build-up
  • Includes a clearance hole on its table for convenient dust collection; dust port size is 2 and ¼ inch
  • Worktable could tilt up to forty five degrees left and right

wide orangeShop Fox W1668 Reviews and Scores

Most of the customer reviews are positive as this Shop Fox W1668 garnered a 3.8 rating out of five stars. There were a few minor concerns raised, one of which was about “the packing material is not good enough. It only has around one inch of protective foam.”

Another customer stated, “It’s creating a clanking sound. It’s not working properly.” After being walked through by Shop Fox on how to make it function well, it has been operating smoothly then and the customer would like to give the product four stars.

Most of the positive reviews from customers talked about its appearance and reliability as “it doesn’t look cheap. It’s beautifully made and has a solid construction. It drills accurately enough, and the oscillating sander is awesome.”

Another customer highlighted, “the product provides enough power and great depth to create deep holes. It’s a decent machine, and it really does everything as a drill press.”


The Shop Fox W1668 is a power tool that deserves everyone’s attention. It is the best drill press for woodworking manufactured to help every individual carry out projects effectively and efficiently. It may not work as powerful as those heavy duty power tools in the market, but it’s a real performer as an effective and efficient automatic drill press.

The Shop Fox W1668 is also designed to meet the budget of different types of house owners. The price of the tool is very affordable, so it deserves to be tagged as the best cheap drill press.

Overall, the product is highly recommendable, especially for starters or newbies in accomplishing home renovation. It is also a good alternative for individuals who have experienced purchasing other brands of drill presses. It lets every job done smoothly, and it makes every person confident and accomplished all the time. Read more about other best drill press reviews.

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