Simplicity® Men Women’s Cycling Motorcycle Gloves Review

Simplicity is known for making high-quality sports apparel and accessories. One of their best-selling items is the Unisex Cycling Motorcycle Gloves. As the name suggests, it is an accessory that can be used by both men and women. Hence, they offer different hand sizes for both genders.

Apart from that, this pair of gloves is specifically made for cycling enthusiasts. When you wear it, you won’t feel uneasy regardless of the humidity and heat. Furthermore, it serves as a hand protection. The back and palm areas are thick to protect you from abrasions and other injuries that may hurt your hands.wide orange41Juge0ZSiL

Keeps Your Hands Comfortable and Cool

Despite the back and palm areas being thick, it doesn’t mean that it is uneasy to wear. The biker gloves are made from mesh and Microfiber fabric which have moisture-proof and breathable properties. These materials keep your hands dry and comfortable, regardless of the temperature and circumstances.

Moreover, it gives protection for your hands. For instance, if you slip your hands while cycling, your hands will be safe from abrasion because you are wearing motorcycle riding gloves.

Nonslip Material in the Palm Area

Aside from that, Simplicity motorcycle gloves feature a non-slip cloth with silicon. Its purpose is to reduce friction when holding the handlebars and provide safety while riding. Furthermore, it protects your wrists from injuries and gives comfort while giving full elasticity to all bending areas.

Furthermore, these riding gloves feature holes in the thumb and pointer fingers. In that way, you can stick them out if you need to text someone or to make a call.

Simplicity® Motorcycle Glove Features and Specifications

Of course, it wouldn’t give you comfort and protection if it wasn’t for its features. So, here are the components of this item:

  • Anti-Skid and Wear Repellent – It soaks sweat from your palms, making your hands dry and comfortable even on hot days. Furthermore, it is resistant to wear and you can use the gloves for years.
  • Moisture-Proof and Breathable – Thanks to mesh and microfiber, it easier to wear because it keeps the interior cooler.
  • Velcro and Bending Points – The Velcro keeps your wrists comfortable and secure. The bending points, on the other hand, protect your hands from strong impacts.
  • Flexible Design – Though intended for cycling, you can also use it for climbing, skating, racing, and other outdoor activities.
  • Made with Durable Materials – Each glove is made of 5% silicon, 60% terylene, 30% nylon, 3% spandex, and 2% alloy. These pieces of fabric have made the motorbike gloves long-lasting.
  • Nonslip Properties – This helps improve friction and safety for bike drivers.

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Simplicity® Motorcycle Glove Reviews

Judging by the user reviews on the internet, we give Simplicity motorcycle gloves a 7 out of 10 rating. Yes, it’s a bit low, but there’s a reason why we rate it that way. But first, let’s discuss why users love these gloves.

One of the reasons is the density of the gloves. They love how thick it is because they don’t get any bruises or cuts whenever they use the gloves. They also like the knuckle area. They like its toughness because they don’t feel the impact no matter how hard it is.

Another thing that they like is the holes. Users were a bit surprised by this feature because it was their first time to see a hole in a brand-new pair of gloves. Nonetheless, they love it because it makes it easier for them to use their phones.

Things to Improve

The product may seem impeccable because of the number of positive reviews that it gets from its users. However, it also has some flaws.

One of which is the size chart. Though the table gives a variety of glove measurements, the information is a bit confusing. For instance, if your hand size is in the medium category, obviously, you will get the medium-sized gloves. But once you put them on, the gloves are a bit tight, making it difficult to move.

To ensure you get the right pair of gloves, buy the bigger size. If your hands are small, go for the medium-sized gloves. In that way, you can wear them without a problem.


Simplicity® motorcycle gloves are one of the best-selling items of the company. It provides superior protection for your hands, thanks to its thick palm and back areas. Nonetheless, it keeps your hands cool and comfortable, even on hot, sunny days.

However, many people complain about the size chart. But it is only a minor issue because you can solve it by yourself. You simply need to get one size bigger to ensure that it fits.

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