Simplicity® Unisex Motorcycle Gloves Review

Simplicity is known worldwide for their high performance and high quality sports gear. The Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves are not an exemption with its superior design that keeps your hands cool in all types of environments. This pair of motorcycle gloves is durable enough to use in short and long rides under all types of weather conditions making it one of the best choices for motorcycle gloves.

When it comes to protection, the Simplicity Men and Women’s Cycling Gloves do not disappoint because its back and palm parts are thick enough for your hand’s protection. The palm area is also reinforced with a non-slip silicon material for a safer ride.

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Keeps Your Hands Cool and Comfortable

The Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves are made with microfiber and mesh materials that keep your hands cool and comfortable through all sorts of activities. These materials make this pair of gloves breathable and lightweight so you can use it under all types of weather conditions. It is also made for men and women that adds to its versatility.

Aside from keeping your hands comfortable, this pair of gloves also makes sure that your hands are well protected. The back part as well as the palm area of this pair of gloves is thick enough to absorb shocks and vibrations from all kinds of activities. You can also be sure that this motorcycle glove is long-lasting as it is very durable in every bending point.

Palm Areas are Made with Nonslip Material

The Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves are made especially for cycling enthusiasts. This is why the palm areas of these gloves are made with nonslip material made with silicon. The silicon material is responsible for improving the friction between the handlebar and the palm to enhance safety.

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to extreme sports, yet it is often overlooked. This pair of gloves will do all the work for you when it comes to your safety during rides.

Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves Features and Specifications

  • Made with High Quality Material – this pair of gloves is made of 2% alloy, 30% nylon, 5% silicon, 60% terylene, and 3% spandex making it durable enough for all types of activities.
  • Breathable and Moisture-Proof – this pair of gloves is highly recommended for sports enthusiasts as it lets your hands remain cool at all times.
  • Anti-Skid and Wear Resistant – don’t hesitate to use these gloves as often as you can as it resists skid and wear in the palm areas.
  • Refined Velcro and Tough Bending Points – your wrists are kept comfortable with its refined Velcro while the bending points are tough enough to absorb impacts.
  • The Best Protection – the back part and palm areas are thick enough to protect your hands from abrasions and impacts through all types of activities.
  • Nonslip Properties – the palm areas of this pair of gloves are equipped with a nonslip material made with silicon for enhanced friction and safer rides.

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Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

This product is definitely worth a 9.4 out of 10 rating from the customer reviews. The Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves are great to use for beginner cyclists because of its thick material that can protect your hands from a fall. The customer did not sustain any type of injury or wounds because the material was great at doing its job of protecting the hands. You can definitely take advantage of the nonslip material placed in the palm area as it improves your grip onto the bike’s handlebar.

The Velcro feels great in your wrists, but it also keeps it protected through the impact of the fall. The breathable material keeps the hands cool and dry, which is definitely a plus.

Things to Improve

While the Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves do not possess any type of weakness, some customers say that the sizing is larger than they have expected it to be. Although there is a sizing chart available for this product, some customers say that the sizing is a bit off and can be improved.

Some of the more particular customers do not prefer the plastic knuckles for aesthetics but admit that it might be useful for their own protection.


The Simplicity Unisex Motorcycle Gloves are all around great gloves to use for all types of sports activities. It is made to make sure that your hands are comfortable and dry at all times through all kinds of weather conditions. For your protection, it is also equipped with a thick padding in the back and palm areas to absorb impacts.

This product is one of the best in its category, but there are parts that need to be worked on according to some reviews. If you want to browse for more products, check out other best motorcycle gloves reviews for your reference.

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