SKIL 5680-02 Circular Saw with Laser Review

SKIL 5680-02 Circular Saw With Laser has the most updated design for DIYers. This circular is more compact and much lighter compared to the previous models. Its lightweight design still delivers high power and durability, making it among the top circular saws in today’s market.

My search for the best circular saw has led me to the discovery of this model from Skil. Before, I am not impressed with the performance of my previous circular saws, but this one has made a difference. In this review, I’ll share my insights and rating, as well as the product’s special features.

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User-friendly Features

The many features of this saw are said to be user-friendly. It is incorporated with a single beam laser light that serves as the cutting guide. This alignment system is intended to help the user create straight accurate cuts. You can easily activate this feature by pressing the laser button. Another friendly feature is the power indicator. This button lights up to show that the device is receiving power and is ready for operation. These special features are therefore providing the user with an easy and guided grip.

Lightweight Design

Weighing a total of 13.9 pounds, the SkilSaw circular saw is indeed lightweight. Its light design performs high durability and quality performance. It is powered with 14-amp and 2.5 HP motor that works 15% faster than the previous models. This light machine also helps in reducing fatigue while giving an efficient performance. Thus, it performs with the same quality of bigger and heavier machines. Due to its handy feature, it can be used even in doing small crafts.

SKIL 5680-02 Features and Specifications

Here’s a list of other features and specs that you need to know about this circular saw from Skil:

  • 51-degree bevel capacity – This saw has a bevel adjustment of 51 degree and positive bevel detents at 45 degrees for an increased increased accuracy.
  • Laser guide – Once the laser button is pressed, it will produce a laser light that serves as a cutting guide. It then makes the cut more precise and accurate.
  • 24 teeth blade – This all-purpose carbide blade helps in providing seamless cut for any material. It also has a blade wrench that is needed for attaching the blade. It also provides faster blade changes.
  • Adjustable angle and depth of cut – The maximum depth of cut for this circular saw is 2-7/16 at 90 degrees and 1-15/16 at 45 degrees. It can be easily adjusted with the help of bevel halts.
  • Anti-Snag guard – It reduces hang-ups when the material is making narrow cut-offs.
  • Safety trigger – This lock serves as protection from having accidental starts. Thus, the safety of the user is ensured.
  • 2.5 Horsepower– Its high power ensures optimum performance with a ball bearing construction that works up to 5300 revolutions per minute.

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SKIL 5680-02 Reviews

The Skilsaw circular saw received a total product rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers at Amazon, at the time of this writing. It gathered 180+ customer reviews wherein 66% includes the outstanding rates. Most customers are satisfied with the tool’s performance and reasonable price.

Here is one honest review from a valued customer: The customer is a 54-year-old woman who has never used circular saws in the past. But when she found out that her desk needs refurbishing she decided that she needs a circular saw for the job. She bought the necessary materials such as wood, screws, boards, and the saw itself. From her first use, she’s already impressed by it. The circular saw was able to cut the board straight. Given her age, she appreciated that the saw is handy and light. She didn’t experience any arm or hand strain while using it. According to her, she is very happy with using the saw and that she also loves the fact that it is professional-looking.

Things to Improve

Like any other circular saws in the market, this one from Skil also has its flaws. It does not have an electric brake like the others. An electric brake would have given additional safety feature to do the user. Skil also does not include a rip fence on this item. But if you don’t mind the fence, then this tool is still an ideal purchase.


Overall, with its advanced and developed features, the Skilsaw circular saw is indeed among the top-notch saws in the market today. It does not focus only on performance but also on user’s safety as well. Its light design contributes in making the tool handy for any craft work. As a personal user, I am indeed satisfied with my purchase of this item. Every wood work is seamlessly done and it also does not cause me any strains. For beginners and crafts professional, this model is proven to be a great deal. Read more reviews of the best circular saw here.

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