SKIL 9216-01Reciprocating Saw Review

The SKIL 9216-01 9amp Reciprocating Saw has a reliable 9 amp motor backing up its durable performance. Any handy man would certainly enjoy cutting through different types of material without a glitch.

It also has a speed control for greater cutting precision, and safety. This device is easy to manage and control even with its powerful motor. Other notable features are its tool-less blade change, and soft grip design.

You can say that this power saw is really ergonomically designed for power and precision to ensure an accurate cut every single time without spending much effort. Given our experience in handling tools such as this, we can assure that you any type of builder or craftsman would enjoy working with this power saw because it is very handy and easy-to-use. Are you looking for a powerful saw? We suggest that you take a look into the SKIL 9216-01 9amp Reciprocating Saw.


9 Amp Motor Cutting Edge

Skil 9216-01 9 Amp model is a reciprocating saw like no other, because its powerful 9 Amp motor ensures a heavy duty cutting performance which users can adjust depending on the toughness of its application. With this amount of motor power employed installed in, the device helps you cut into any type of surfaces in the fastest time possible.

This is actually one of the best performing power saws in the market today. This is the reason why I was not so shocked when I saw other positive reviews about this tool online.

Variable Speed Control Mechanism

Another impressive feature about Skil 926-01 9 Amp Reciprocating Saw is its variable speed control which helps you to manage and manipulate the speed rate of it cutting performance. In this way both veteran users and newbie workers can control the device without worrying about losing a finger, after all its motor power is not something to trifle with. With this kind of mechanism applied in this portable reciprocating power saw you can enjoy an outstanding time efficient performance minus the fatigue.

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The Reciprocal Saw’s Other Features and Product Specifications

Aside from the above mentioned features of the portable reciprocating power saw, it has other impressive features and factors which make it worth every penny as well as attention. Skil 926-01 9 Amp Reciprocating Saw includes the following:

  • Power-on indicator as a safety mechanism which lets you know that the tool is plugged in and ready to use. It also improves the overall safety of the device utilization.
  • It also includes tool-less blade change which helps users to change blades without any sort of hassle.
  • For improve durability of the tool it is also covered with heavy duty metal gear housing. So no matter where you put it you are assured that it will not get damaged easily.
  • Among its other fine features are counter balance and pivoting foot which helps you to gain added sturdiness when cutting tough materials.
  • And of course it has a soft-grip design which improves manipulative comfort when using it.

Skil 9216-01 Ratings and Reviews

According to our research and intensive browsing about the portable reciprocating power saw, most customers and veteran workshop owners love the overall performance of the tool. They are so impressed about it that if you will check several forums about it that they are so enthusiastic about how efficient it is to use. Its high powered motor helps them cut through any material even concrete as long as they attached the right blade, that’s another thing that they love about the tool once you have purchased it you will receive a detailed manual wherein you will see what specific type of blade that you shall attached to it according to the material that you are cutting.

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If there is only one negative remark that we have observed about the Skil 9216-01 among all the good reviews about the tool, is that it needs added safety feature. According to this reviewer in one forum, that the portable reciprocating power saw works quite impressive. However, according to him, it should have been designed with other safety catch aside from its power-on indicator for it is easy to turn on while grabbing its soft grip handle.


Overall if you would let us rate the product from one to ten (of course according to its holistic impression and customer satisfaction) we would give the reciprocating saw an eight. Well for one, the device so handy and powerful enough to relieve you from hours of cutting through hard to penetrate materials.

The power tool is designed for heavy duty cutting performance and comfortable and fatigue free use. Although it needs added safety functionalities it still proved to be an impressive tool that any workshop owner should have. See more about other best reciprocating saw here.

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