Slime 40022 12-Volt Air Compressor Review

The Slime 40022 is one of the most affordable tire inflators in the market. Although it is one of the most affordable, it has many remarkable features that make it really famous among car and auto shop owners. One of its most loved features is its portability and lightweight design. Users won’t have a problem in transferring it from one place to another.
This digital tire inflator is perfect for mid-sized vehicles. To add to its competitive edge, it is created with a digital display that reflects technical details about the inflator.

If you are searching for a digital tire inflator that is small enough to be carried around, and still delivers outstanding performance, then the Slime 40022 is the perfect fit you. Try it out and see for yourself.

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414bPYErILInflate-Right Technology Inflator

This feature of Slime 40022 is one of the most remarkable. You might be wondering what this feature is all about. The inflate-right technology ensures that there is appropriate pressure in the tire. This is a very important factor because too much pressure could make the tire explode, while too little could lead to total deflation.

You will like the fact that you can pre-set it to the desired pressure while this digital inflator works on the rest. Moreover, this technology ensures that your tire will be at its best condition whenever you need to use it. You will be relieved to know that your tires have appropriate pressure to endure the harsh factors of the environment while you drive.

The manufacturer of Slime 40022 included the inflate-right technology in order to give the recommended tire pressure to their customers. The pressure will probably be between 30-35 psi. This is already enough to keep everything in the right shape and balance. If you want a tire inflator that can set the right pressure in your tire for optimum performance, then the Slime 40022 is the right fit for you.

Rubberized Feet for Stability

Another notable feature of Slime 40022 is its rubberized feet. This is primarily used to keep the device stable while on the job. Have you ever experienced working on a particular machine that has a very strong vibration while it is running? Well, you will surely not encounter that problem with this digital inflator because the rubberized feet serve as its anti-vibration mechanism and will keep the machine steady while you are using it.

This air compressor is recommended for both home use and industrial use. You will surely be stress-free with its features and portability. Aside from this, you can place it in any kind of surface because it will be stable. You also don’t need to worry that it will suddenly move out of place while you are using it. This feature comes in very handy during wet days as the roads tend to be slippery.

Slime 40022 Features and Specifications

  • Ability to inflate a mid-size tire within just a short span of time
  • Inflate-Technology – This feature is used to set the right pressure to the tire, avoiding too much and too little pressure.
  • LED light for night use – This light makes it possible for users to see clearly during night time.
  • Direct Plugging to the car cigarette lighter.
  • Slim and Compact design – This feature makes it easy to carry around.
  • Rubberized feet that is anti-vibration

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Slime 40022 Reviews

Due to its superb features and great design, the Slime 40022 gets a rating of 7 out of 10. This 12V air compressor is just the perfect fit for people on the go. Inflating tires has never been easier and faster. Many of the users praise it for the inflate-right technology because it keeps their tires in optimum performance. Aside from this, the gauge is also very accurate.

Another feature that most of the users appreciate is the LED light and the display. They like the fact that the display can show the information clearly especially at night. This is very useful when you suddenly have a flat tire at night.

Things to Improve

This tire inflator offers great features for mid-sized tires; however, it is not recommended to be used on large tires because it won’t be able to give optimum performance. Aside from this, it will surely take a longer time to inflate large tires. This size of tires requires heavy-duty compressors instead. Another improvement that needs to be done is with the warranty period.


The Slime 40022 is indeed an air compressor that is all worth the money. If you get the gist of what it is really made to do, then you will see that this tire inflator will benefit you especially if you are a car owner. This can also be considered as one of the best portable tire inflators in the market. Check out the reviews for added insights and feedback.

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