Slime COMP02 12-Volt Air Compressor Review

The Slime COMP02, just like others in the Slime series, is meant for cars and vehicles that need regular monitoring of pressure. Aside from this, it is recommended for cars that need constant tire inflation. Monitoring your tires is important because they can cause accidents and other problems when they do not have the right pressure.

You will definitely like this inflator because you can save much time in inflating your tires. You don’t need to wait long since it will only take no more than 10 minutes to inflate each tire. Isn’t it convenient? Another factor that you will appreciate is its power when it comes to inflating tires. It can work up to 100 psi that is good enough for most tires.

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Multiple Adapters

One of the most notable features of this inflator is the inclusion of multiple adapters. These adapters allow it to work on different kinds of tires, unlike other inflators in the market. You can be sure that at least one of the included adapters is compatible with your tire.

This is one of the reasons why Slime COMP02 is one of the most sought-after compressor. People find it cost-efficient because even if they change their cars, this inflator will still surely be compatible with the new tire. You won’t have any problem in searching for the compatible adapter for your tire.

Another thing, this multiple adapter feature has a threaded sleeve that can cater different sizes of BC hoses. You just need to connect the inflator regulator to your selected hose. It will then be inserted to the threaded sleeve to start the operation. You should remember that you need to tie the end of the BC hose.

Built-in Pressure Gauge

One of the best features of the Slime COMP02 is the built-in pressure gauge. Actually, it is an important factor for most tire inflators. This system is meant to monitor the air pressure present inside the tire. You get to see the real-time report of the tire pressure and this is done through the gauge.

You might be wondering how this feature works. It is actually mounted on the rims. You should note that the inflation pressure determines the pneumatic behavior of the car or vehicle. The pressure system lets you know if the tire is already under pressure and if it has the right pressure in it. Most people consider the pressure gauge before buying a tire inflator. It is not just about providing air inflation, but also about securing the safety of the passengers. You can do this by proper monitoring of the pressure.

Do you know that you will be able to save much fuel when your tire has the right pressure? Under inflation increases fuel consumption. The pressure gauge helps you keep everything under control. Aside from this, you will be able to extend the life of your car for more years.

Last but not the least, you will needless maintenance. Wouldn’t it be great if you can keep everything under control by keeping a close eye on your tire pressure? If you like to enjoy these befits, then it is time to avail the Slime COMP02 and be ready to hit the road.

Slime COMP02 Features and Specifications

  • Best for mid-size tires – This inflator can inflate tires within just 8 minutes.
  • Built-in Pressure gauge – This feature allows you to monitor the air pressure of your tire to maintain its shape. It helps in checking if the tires have normal pressure. It provides real-time information about the current pressure of the tire.
  • 12-volt power adapter and performance of about 100 psi most of the time
  • Car cigarette lighter can be directly connected to your pump.
  • Hose adapter kit with nozzle and ball needle

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Slime COMP02 Reviews

The Slime COMP02 is awarded a rating of 7 out of 10 for its great capability to monitor the tire’s pressure. This is an important feature that everyone is looking for in a tire inflator. The Slime series has undoubtedly fulfilled this requirement.

The Slime COMP02 has amazed its users because of its convenience. Most of the users appreciate its remarkable features despite its compact design. Over all, the feedbacks and comments of most users are positive and optimistic.

Things to Improve

The only consideration that you need to take in this unit is the hose. It is shorter compared to other hoses of inflators in the market. Although it is short, you can always buy an extension if you need to reach extended distances. This minor issue is not a big deal after all.


The Slime COMP02 is a powerful tire inflator with a compact design. You will surely love its portability and on-the-go features. You can see more of this best monitoring tire inflator in this site. Learn more about its features and capabilities and start enjoying its benefits and advantages for safe driving.

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