Slime COMP06 Pro 12-Volt Air Compressor Review

The Slime COMP06 is one of the bestselling tire inflators in the market because it can work on heavy-duty tasks. Large tires will surely be a piece of cake when it comes to the inflation power of Slime COMP06. It can inflate the flat tire within 3 to 5 minutes. This is much powerful compared to other inflators in the market.

It is also one of the 12-volt series which can demonstrate extreme power and performance. It might even outsell other inflators in the market, all because of its ability to achieve maximum thread existence. If you are looking for a heavy-duty digital tire inflator, then you should check out Slime COMP06 and be amazed by what it can offer you.

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31asK0tivXLConnection to Car 12-V Power Outlet

One of its notable features is the ability to be plugged directly to your car’s power outlet. It is possible for you to use the tire inflator even though there is no available outlet to plug your device because it can get its power from the car’s lighter socket.

You should note that your car should have a minimum of 15 amps in the fuse in order for you to maximize this feature. The pump can use up a huge amount of current that it is why you should let it rest every once in a while. Another thing to bear in mind is that not all cars have the capacity to carry the load of Slime COMP06 since it is a heavy-duty tire inflator. You have the option to buy a cigarette adapter to ensure the safety of the outlet fuse. Choose an adapter that can provide power to 12-V appliances.

This feature of Slime COMP06 is very useful in emergency situations, especially when there is no service center available around the area. You can use your own car to power up your tire inflator and get on the road again in no time.

Long Distance Reach Capability

This unit has an inclusion of a 10-feet power cord together with a hose that measure up to 16-feet. These are primarily used to reach greater distance when you need to inflate your tire. It is recommended when all four of your wheels are deflated when you would need to reach the other side of the car.

This is actually one of its most famous features. Other tire inflators in the market have shorter cords. With this long coiled cord, you can make sure that all your tires have the right pressure and inflation.

For your added convenience, the Slime COMP06 is created with an analog dial gauge for regular checking of the tire pressure. You should remember that tires tend to lose pressure after several uses. The analog dial gauge of this unit will definitely help you in keeping your tires in good shape.

Slime COMP06 Features and Specifications

  • Direct plug to the outlet fuse of the car – This inflator can be connected to your car’s power outlet if you need to inflate your tire when you’re on the road.
  • Built-in Dial Gauge – This gauge helps in monitoring the pressure of the tires.
  • LED light for more visibility at night
  • Long coiled cord for greater distance
  • Inclusion of canvas bag for the inflator
  • Adapters are included as well.

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Slime COMP06 Reviews

Due to its heavy-duty power and performance, Slime COMP06 received a rating of 7 out of 10. It is perfect for large vehicles and the performance is indeed outstanding. It can do what it is supposed to do. This is the reason why many of the users are satisfied with its performance.

Most users love the long coiled cord because it is definitely convenient for them when they have larger vehicles. Some of them even noted that it can go around their 4 x 4 car. Another user praised it for the cord’s durability and longer length.

Things to Improve

The Slime COMP06 is a great heavy-duty tire inflator; however there are still things and areas that need to be improved. The canvas bag should be made simple and easier to use. Some of the users commented that they have a hard time pulling the tire inflator put. Despite this minor criticism, most of the feedbacks are very optimistic.


There are many tire inflators in the market and the Slime COMP06 is definitely a must-have for car owners. You will definitely benefit from its long power cord and the built-in analog gauge. You can do self-monitoring of your tires even without getting the service of a professional mechanic.

If you want to know more about this best heavy duty tire inflator, then you should definitely check out the customer reviews to find out about other people’s experiences in using it.

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