40 Savvy Small Space Hacks for Maximizing Every Nook

There are a dime a dozen organization and storage ideas on the internet. But, how do you know which of them will be perfect small space hacks?

Don’t worry. We have sifted on tons of storage tips to create 40 savvy hacks that can help maximize every nook of your small apartment space. The result? You get a more organized but also a more spacious closet, storage unit, bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

Are you looking for the easiest DIY trick and storage hacks for small spaces? Try stacking several rectangular single cabinets, and you get an instant vertical storage solution. You can screw the cabinets into the wall or not, either way; they should be sturdy enough.

Stacking cabinets can give your place accessible storage whether in your living room or bedroom to replace a dresser.

2. Install Invisible Nightstands With Picture Ledges

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Source: Command

Do you have spare picture ledges at home? The great thing is that they can hold a lot more items than just picture frames. They are also inexpensive and easy to install, something you can quickly put at the wall beside your bed, perfect for small space living. It takes next to no space and an almost invisible nightstand to hold your phone, clip-on lamp, eyeglasses, and even a book. You can just easily make your own invisible picture ledge nightstand at home.

3. Mount Organizer Files or Racks on the Wall


Source: H2O Bungalow

Do you have magazines, letters, and newspapers lying around the living area? Organizer files are inexpensive but one of the effective organization ideas for small spaces. Mount some of these organizer files on your empty wall, and you’ll have an instant storage rack, reducing the magazine and paper clutter on your desk or counter.

4. Double Up the Purpose With Storage Stool


Source: Anikas Diy Life

Sitting on your storage can be a perfect small space organization hack. Now, you don’t need to have separate furniture for sitting down and for storing your things. You can DIY and make a wooden stool that doubles up as storage space at the bottom.

5. Install Tension Rods in the Nook of Your Room


Source: Hometalk

Looking for small apartment hacks that can maximize the dead spaces in your room? How about the bedroom nook that has never been utilized? The simplest way to make use of this empty and unused space is to mount some tension rods. Now, you get a place where you can hang towels, pants, shirts, and even your shoes.

6. DIY a Mirror Jewelry Cabinet


Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Pieces of jewelry can be small, but if you have lots of it, the storage space can be a problem especially if you have a small apartment. The best idea is organizing small spaces and making use of areas you don’t even know can be utilized like the back of the mirror. You can hack into your mirror and make a mirror jewelry cabinet.

7. Use Bookshelf Headboards

Headboards can be a nice addition to any bedroom, but most of the time, it only takes space that you don’t have. If you change a typical solid headboard to a stack of bookshelves, you can get one of the easiest DIY storage for small spaces. You now get a nice headboard and additional storage space.

8. Install a Shelf Above the Door


Source: Homedit

Another space that you might not think can be very useful is the top of your bedroom door. The best DIY organization idea for small spaces that can utilize this dead space is to install a storage shelf. You can use it for storing various things like your towels, beddings or your rain boots. You can easily build this overhead cabinet at home.

9. Mount Invisible Bookshelves


Source: Instructables

If you have a small space, anything that is unobtrusive and simple organizing ideas can make your space look more clean, orderly and spacious. How about you mount some invisible bookshelves on that empty space in the room? You can simply use two metal plates to attach on the wall where you can stack your books.

10. Mount Hooks at the Back of the Closet Wall


Source: Country Living

So, you have completely used up your closet space but do you know you can still use your closet wall as an additional storage space? Simply get those inexpensive but sturdy hooks you can find and mount them at your closet wall. Now, you get additional space to hang bags, purses, and even coats.

11. Suspend Your Bicycle from the Ceiling


Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Do you love cycling but don’t have a garage or space to store it? How about some very clever apartment storage hacks for your bikes? While you can definitely just put your bike beside the wall, that can be a clutter sometimes. However, that unused airspace can be a perfect space to store your bicycle.

12. DIY a Pegboard Organizer


Source: Thrift Diving

A pegboard can be a very useful tool shed for any workshop but do you know it can be a pretty and useful storage solution too? Try hanging pegboard organizers on your empty bedroom wall with screws, and you get a space where you can just hang just about anything.

13. Mount Some Floating Shelves


Source: Homedepot

Floating shelves are excellent in freeing up your room’s floor space, allowing more natural light inside the room and visually expanding the small space of your apartment. They are some of the excellent storage solutions that you can buy either as prefab or do-it-yourself floating shelves.

14. Hang a Cork Wall for a Jewelry Organizer


Source: Love Of Family And Home

Do you need more space for your accessories but your wardrobe is unfortunately full? No need to add another large storage cabinet that can take up so much of your already small room space. How about mounting a large jewelry cork board on your empty wall instead? That will only take a fraction of the area, but you get simple yet effective jewelry storage.

15. Install a “Disappearing” Desk


Source: Bobvila

One of the great hacks for small space is making your furniture disappear whenever you don’t need them and making them suddenly appear when you do. The great thing is you can DIY that, like making a disappearing or a fold-down desk against the wall. It can come in different sizes, shapes, styles and often can even feature built-in storage.

16. DIY a Storage Platform Bed


Source: Instructables

With a creative mind and just a few tools, you can hack and make use of that dead space under your bed by making platform storage. You will only need a few stack cabinets to serve as a platform to your bed and that makes a beautiful storage solution for small spaces.

17. Custom-build a Bookshelf Stairs


Source: Ana White

If you have a loft bed, which is common in small apartments, the stairs you have can be a home to additional storage. You can custom build a bookshelf staircase, and you get an instant storage space for various things such as your clothing, shoes, books, and many more.

18. DIY a Bed Frame with Drawers


Source: Diy N Crafts

If you have small bedrooms, storage beds are one of the best storage hacks for small apartments. It will open up your room’s space by getting rid of some of that drawers and dressers and putting it in the unused space under your bed. You can use the drawers for storing your clothes or anything.

19. Hang Your Dirty Clothes Hamper at the Back of the Door


Source: Decor Hint

Your dirty clothes hamper doesn’t have to be lying around and taking even a small space of your floor. Instead, why don’t you hang it at the back of your bedroom door, a space that is rarely or never even used? You can make your own hanging hamper or buy a ready made one.

20. DIY a Headboard with Storage


Source: HGTV

The great thing about headboards is that they can be anything you want them to be. Do you need more storage in your bed? How about you make your headboard storage to have that additional storage space? You can buy prefab headboards with storage or custom-build your own.

21. Install Crown Moldings for Instant Shoe Rack


Source: Shoe Tease

Got an empty wall in your bedroom? Why not get some crown moldings and start installing it piece by piece on the wall? This crown molding shoe rack can be a simple and unobtrusive wall hack since it blends well with the wall and you can even use it to store your shoes or something that can hold hangers.

22. Magnetic Storage for the Bathroom


Source: Makezine

Keeping everything clutter-free especially the bathroom can be a challenge. There are toiletries, cosmetics, and various other things that need storage. But if your bathroom space is little, magnetic storage can be more efficient instead of a large cabinet. Simply place a precut galvanized steel and add some magnetic hooks and you get an easy diy magnetic storage.

23. Install a Pegboard Organizer for Pans and Utensils


Source: The Kitchn

Pans and utensils take up so much of your cabinet space. How about you install a pegboard utensils organizer on one of your kitchen walls and use it to hang pans, pots, lids, and various kitchen utensils and tools especially those you are using most of the time. It can free up so much space of your cabinets.

24. Custom Build a Swing-Out Pantry System


Source: Family Handy Man

That empty space you have beside your refrigerator is probably begging to be put to use, but how? Have you heard of a hideaway pantry where you can store casters or spices and canned goods? You can either buy or DIY this custom swing-out pantry organizer.

25. Install Some Corner Shelving


Source: Curbly

Corner spaces inside your room are usually neglected, but they have a lot of potential in giving you extra storage space. You can install some floating shelves in these corners, and while it can create more storage space, it can also make the entire room more appealing by eliminating all the dead spaces.

26. Install Rods Behind the Bathroom Door for Towels


Source: The Heathered Nest

That tiny space behind your bathroom door can be a perfect sport for hanging towels or robes without needing to take up so much of your wall space. Install some towel rods at the back of the door, and that can be a very clever tiny bathroom hack.

27. Put Large Mirrors in the Living Room


Source: My Domaine

Especially if you have a small room space, mirrors can completely transform how the room looks. It can provide more light and can also give an illusion, making it seem that the room is much larger than it really is. This mirror trick is perfect for any space.

28. Install Some Vertical Greenery


Source: DIY Network

Don’t have a backyard or a porch space where you can place some lively plants at home? That is not a problem with this DIY wall greenery. It gives you a space for your plants and herbs without taking so much of the floor or counter space.

29. Install Some Hanging Storage


Source: A Pair And A Sparediy

Too many cabinets taking up the floor space makes a small room look even smaller. But, with simple do-it-yourself wall pockets, you can maximize your wall space to have instant storage. You can simply cut out leather scraps, make large pockets, and hang them on the wall.

30. Set up a Wall Hanger Notepad


Source: Everyday Family

Not enough table space in your small home office? How about you get rid of all the paper clutter in your desk by setting up a wall hanger notepad? A DIY wall hanger notepad on the wall can be an excellent office tool to avoid more paper scraps on your table.

31. Install a Fold-Out Dining Table


Source: HGTV

If you are living in a small apartment, a regular dining table can cut a lot of your floor space. How about you install a fold-out dining table instead? You can simply fold it whenever you don’t need it, freeing up extra space in your room.

32. Install Some Ceiling Shelves


Source: Stanley Tools

The ceiling space in your living room is probably begging to be put to use. How about you put some shelves in there instead of cabinets and bookshelves on your floor? This ceiling shelves can free up so much of your floor space, giving way to much-needed furniture.

33. DIY a Bed Storage Trunk


Source: Lowes

Aside from making a platform bed by using stacked cabinets, you can make the bottom of your bed huge single storage space. DIY a bed storage trunk. Flip your bed upwards, and you get a huge space to store your bedding, mattress, and extra pillows.

34. Hang a Floating Table


Source: Bunnings

Got no more space on the floor for your furniture? Don’t worry since you can fully utilize your ceiling for that. Get some hooks, sturdy twines, and a wooden plate, and you get an instant floating table. You can put this floating table beside your bed or in your living room.

35. Install Rods on Closet Corners


Source: Instructables

Don’t let the spaces on your closet corners go to waste. It has a lot of potential in giving you more storage space than you probably think. With just some rods and screws, you’ll have a DIY closet rods you can use to hang your pants, coats, scarves, belts, and many others.

36. DIY a Shelf Desk


Source: Diys

Living in a tiny bedroom where your bed takes up a lot of space and no extra space left to have a desk? How about you double up that shelf on the wall to also become your desk? DIY your shelf desk in a way that the bottom shelf can be used to hold your computer like a desk.

37. Get a Sofa Bed


Source: Home Crux

Not enough space in your apartment to have both a full-size bed and a sofa? That is not really a problem when you can get a sofa bed. You get both a couch and a comfy bed in one single furniture. Unfold the sofa bed at night for you to sleep on and fold it up again in the morning for a simple couch.

38. Custom Build a Hidden Bed


Source: DIY Network

If you are living in a one-room apartment, a full-size bed can take a lot of floor space. But, with a hidden bed that you can pull out at night and fold up into the wall when you don’t need it, you can free up so much of your floor space to roam around at daytime.

39. Get a Console Table for Working in Bed


Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Aside from making a shelf desk, a console table can also make up for a full sized desk if you don’t have that much room in your apartment. It can also make working in bed so much easier. When you don’t need it to work on your computer, it can also be used as a shelf in your room.

40. Follow the Cantaloupe Rule


Source: The Odyssey Online

If you have a small apartment, it is even harder to decorate so that your space won’t get too crowded and cluttered with a lot of things. But, how can you make your space look beautiful but still make it look larger than it really is? One of the simple rule when it comes to small space decoration is the “cantaloupe rule,” which means work with a few large pieces instead of a lot of small ones.

All of these storage hacks are wonderful. Number seven, for example, can be a perfect storage space idea if you are living in a one-room apartment or in a dorm room. There will be no need to buy a separate bookcase that will just surely cramp the space. Installing rods to closet corners and space walls is also very easy to do for a lot of additional storage. These small space hacks are easy-to-do and won’t cost you a lot of dimes too.