SOG DE-01 Flashlight Review

The SOG DE-01 is a pocket flashlight that is meant for professional use. Everything that is all about this EDC flashlight shows class and stylish. Aside from this, the appearance of this flashlight greatly defines modernity and innovation. Although it comes with a higher price tag compared withother EDC flashlights in the market, it will surely be worth every penny.

The LED bulb of this flashlight can produce up to 188lumen of light for more than an hour when you set it in full mode. It is equipped with optical-grade polycarbonate lens that adds up to its efficiency. Another thing that you should know about this product is that it is submersible because it is completely water-resistant. This makes it perfect for diving activities, especially when you are planning to do it at night.

If you think this flashlight is highly needed and necessary for most of your everyday activities, then read the following specifications.

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Textured Aluminum Reflector

The SOG DE-01 comes with a textured aluminum reflector that has the ability to distribute light effectively. For most of the people, they haven’t got much idea about the benefit of aluminum reflectors when it comes to flashlights.

 This flashlight has high tolerance when it comes to heat and cold. The reflector is indeed an excellent conductor of heat. Aside from this, it has the ability to dissipate heat effectively and efficiently.

The SOG DE-01 is able to maximize the benefits of anodized aluminum to produce high intensity of light in the lighting industry. This flashlight will surely give you the advantage of using textured aluminum reflector.

Tactical Strobe

This EDC flashlight can be used as a tactical strobe flashlight. The society’s response to tactical strobe flashlights is not a big deal after all. As a tactical strobe, you can use SOG DE-01 for most of tactical activities. It can actually cause a disruption in vision to the person you are pointing it to.

The flash disorientation function of this flashlight can produce an after image because of the high-intensity light levels. This cause disorientation imprints. The after image that will form depends on the duration of exposure and the intensity of light used. This proves that the light frequencies this flashlight produces can affect the brain.

This tactical strobe is recommended for hunting and rescue operations. The strobe exposure is so helpful in disorienting suspects if used for those kinds of operations. Due to this feature, police officers should put it in their list of must-haves.

SOG DE-01 Features and Specifications

  • Fixed belt clip – it is for hands-free usage. You can attach it to your belt if it is not possible to hand carry it.
  • IPX-7 rated – this means that it is protected from water immersion.
  • Four operation modes – these settings are used for different applications and purposes.
  • Cool white Cree R5 – this has an inclusion of optical-grade polycarbonate lens.
  • Anodized aluminum – it has a textured aluminum reflector.

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SOG De-01 Reviews

Due to its highly advanced features, we would like to give SOG DE-01 an outstanding rating of 7 out of 10. There are many features found in this flashlight that are not found in other EDC flashlights in the market.

 Another thing that makes it different from other flashlights is that it is also recommended for professional and tactical purposes. You can see from here that this flashlight is used for important reasons.

The powerful LED function of this flashlight has gained recognition from the authorities as well. They are able to use it for low-light situations, especially if the operation is done at night. They also noted that they are able to grip it really good because of the design of the body of the flashlight.

Another thing that they like about it is the run time.It is capable of running for at least 80 hours. That is already beyond the capacity of other flashlight. Overall, the users of SOG DE-01 like and commend it for its job well done.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that the belt clip of this flashlight has a tendency to get loose. It is suggested that the maker will provide tighter belt clips since the users of this flashlight are using it mostly for tactical purposes. Aside from this, users also pointed out the settings of the flashlight.If they set it in low-intensity mode, the light still shines so brightly. You should note that this is a professional high-intensity flashlight, so expect really bright illumination.


The SOG DE-01 is a professional EDC flashlight to have. It has a wide array of uses and applications. You can definitely use it for tactical activities like hunting, rescuing, and even police operations. You will definitely love how professional and classy it looks. No wonder it is considered as the best tactical EDC flashlight in the lighting industry.

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