SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Professional Series Flashlight Kit Review

The SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Professional Series Flashlight Kit is the product that delivers a good amount of illumination, especially on emergencies. Its breakthrough technology that provides convenience and longevity alongside its security purpose. This is a product suitable for the average homeowner or for people who often spend time in dark outdoor settings.

The SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 is a versatile flashlight since aside from its main function, which is to brighten the surroundings, it can also be used as a weapon. The strobe feature of the flashlight as well as its striking bezel help you in defending yourself from an attacker. Thanks to its versatility, you just need a single tool to provide two different yet important functions.

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Ultra-Brightness for Great Illumination in Any Setting

The SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 features 1200 lumens attainable through its Cree Super-silicon carbide as well as XM-L LED bulb. With its high intensity, the flashlight can brighten up an entire room in an extremely dark setting. If you are searching for something, you can rely on the light to deliver the brightness you need to find an object that is many meters away from you.

You also have the option to zoom in the brightness on an object using the bezel. Turning the focusing bezel will allow you to adjust the throw until you are satisfied with it. This feature has high utility when you are searching for a particular object or element amidst the dark surroundings.

The zoom lens of this flashlight also provides both the throw and the flood. The throw refers to the coverage of the brightness for a certain distance whereas flood refers to the beam coverage in a wide angle.

Five (5) Functional Modes

Within just a click of a button, you can shift through the different functional modes of the SOLARAY PRO ZX-2. These modes deliver different light intensities needed in varied settings.

Its modes include High, Medium, and Low Beams, as well as the Strobe and SOS modes. The latter two modes are for security purposes, with the Strobe having the blinding effect for a potential attacker and the SOS giving off an emergency signal.

SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Features and Specifications

  • Ultra-Brightness – delivers a maximum of 1200 lumen through its Cree super-silicon carbide, one-die, as well as XM-L LED chip; capable of lighting up an entire room and zooming in on far objects
  • Power Source – 3.7v 3000 mAh SOLARAY 18650 lithium-ion batteries inserted with a protected circuit board; rechargeable for up to 500 times
  • Five (5) Functional Mode – Low, Medium, and High Beams as well as Strobe and SOS; can be toggled with a click of a button
  • Versatile Flashlight – has Zoom-lens that delivers “throw” or distance and “flood” or wide exposure beam coverage; provides security functions with Strobe and SOS modes and its tough design
  • Heavy-duty – made of water resistant aerospace-caliber aluminum body, fine quality lens, and a tail switch engineered for longevity
  • Can be used for a variety of applications – brightens surroundings during power failures, security applications, hiking, walks on dim and dark areas, camping, fishing, and many other activities done in dark settings
  • Compact – 5.2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches for easy carrying

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SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Reviews and Ratings

So far, the SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 has already received 427+ reviews. Considering what the customers have to say about this flashlight along with our very own evaluation, we give it a rating of 9.6/10 stars. Majority of the customers had good things to say about this product.

One customer said that this is a high quality flashlight with durability one of its top features. He said that he was impressed with the functions and brightness of the product thereby he recommends others to invest in this flashlight kit.

Another customer enumerated the good things about the SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 such as its 6-month warranty, bright settings, and top of the line quality. He concluded that the set is all that a customer would need.

Things to Improve

Even with the amazing features of the SOLARAY PRO ZX-2, it still has some flaws. One customer commented about the focusing feature of the larger flashlight in the kit. According to him, it was a bit difficult to adjust. But other than this minor flaw, he had more good things to say about the overall quality of the flashlight kit.


The SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 is a flashlight kit for commercial and residential utility. Its beam coverage that provides both flood and throw that illuminates surroundings in either a wide angle or over a certain distance. Its functional modes and tough built make it a versatile piece of tool that is a worthy addition to a homeowner or anyone’s toolkit at home, in the car, or at work.

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