Splash Pools SCV 18 Solar Pool Cover Review

One of the top solar pool covers in the market today is the Splash Pools 18-feet Round solar pool cover. It effectively heats up your pool without the use of electricity, thus helping you save a lot of money.

It is purely using the sun’s energy to heat up the pool. The solar pool cover also helps in preventing water evaporation; hence, you can also save up on water. Not only does this solar pool cover heat the pool water which is its main function, but it also serves as protection from dirt. It also controls the chemical levels in the pool.wide orange

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The Splash Pools Round solar pool cover does not use any electricity but is effectively able to heat up the pool through the power of sunlight. This pool cover has thousands of small air bubbles made to capture and trap the solar energy. It then transfers the heat to the pool.

The pool cover can raise the pool’s temperature up to 15 degrees even on cloudy days. It can also keep the pool to stay warm for a long period of time that it will surely feel like you are in the tropics when you swim every time.

Splash Pools solar pool cover is made from a polymer plastic construction. It is 18 feet of durable resin. The transparency of the material allows the light and heat to go through. Once the heat has penetrated in, heat is also transmitted to the water in the pool.

Pool Protection

This pool cover serves as the pool’s protection against dirt and debris. While it is capturing heat and heating the pool, it is also blocking unwanted dirt from getting into the water. Because of this, the need to consistently chlorinate is lessen.

Aside from keeping your pool clean, the Splash Pools solar blanket reduces evaporation up to 95%. This means heat loss is prevented and water is saved as well.

Splash Pools SCV 18 Features and Specifications

  • Durable solar pool cover for medium-sized pools
  • Heats up the pool up to 15 degrees
  • Blocks out debris and dirt which will help you save on chemicals
  • Cuts water evaporation by up to 95%
  • Prevents heat loss
  • Very easy installation

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Splash Pools SCV 18 Reviews

The Editor Rating for Splash Pools solar pool cover is 8/10. This is very affordable yet efficient. There are a lot of happy customers who are very satisfied with this product.

One very satisfied customer mentioned that it is already their fourth year using the Splash Pools solar pool blanket and it is still good as brand new. There are still no signs that it is being damaged by the sun.

Another one is very happy that this pool cover keeps itself suctioned in place in the pool even during windy days. It also keeps the leaves and bugs away from the water.

One customer said that it appears to be really durable. It is also very easy to put on and off. Most importantly, it does increase the temperature perfectly for a nice swim.

Things to Improve

One minor complaint from a customer is about its packaging. The one he received from shipment was not properly packaged. It was taped up with a clear packaging tape to fit inside the box. When they removed the tape, it pulled off some of its top layer leaving some minor damage.

This is surely one thing that can be improved on. This is just a minor complaint though. All the good benefits you could get will surely make up for this little issue.


Splash Pools round solar pool cover is an effective pool cover and heater. It will save you from having expensive electricity bill because it is not using any electricity at all. It is purely using solar energy to heat up the pool water.

It will also help save water because this pool cover prevents water evaporation so it means you do not have to add more water frequently.

This also protects your pool from unwanted dirt and debris, keeping it clean for your next swim. It is an efficient solar pool blanket at a very affordable price.

Are you thinking of buying a solar pool cover and heater? Find out more about the Splash Pools round solar pool cover and compare it with the other solar pool blankets by reading more solar pool cover reviews.wide orange