SPT SU-1051B Personal Travel Humidifier Review

In the industry of humidifiers and purifiers, the SPT SU-1051B will always be on top of the list because of the wider array of benefits you could get from it. One of the things that you will like about this is its portable size, making it possible to fit in your luggage.

The good thing about this humidifier is that it is not only meant for travel but for indoor use as well. One of its features is the different-sized adapters for the PET water bottle. It is sometimes hard to find the right size that will fit, so SPT included two sizes of adapters with this humidifier.

This humidifier makes use of ultrasonic frequency to emit water droplets in the air. The cool mist will surely make the surrounding air clean. Another selling factor for this humidifier is the water refill indicator that signals you if the bottle is about to get empty. If you like to have your own travel humidifier that is functional, then you should consider buying the SPT SU-1051B.

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Water Refill Indicator

When you travel, your thoughts are pre-occupied with the long list of activities you plan to do. You tend to forget simple things like refilling the water in your humidifier. If you think you are this kind of person, then the SPT SU-1051 is recommended for you. It has a water refill indicator that will remind you that there is no more water in the humidifier.

This feature will help in extending the life of this humidifier. Keeping the parts humidified ensures that it is in good working condition. The water refill indicator is an important feature for SPT SU-1051B because it ensures that the humidity level in your space will be high.

Adjustable Humidity Settings

Another great feature of this ultrasonic humidifier is the inclusion of humidity settings that you can easily adjust according to your need and preference. This setting ranges from low, medium, and high and each offers different humidity levels. If the space you are in has low humidity, then you can set the humidity setting to high. If the humidity is just a bit low, then the medium humidity dial will do.

The good thing with this humidifier is that you can adjust it according to your level of comfort. This feature is thermostatically controlled to provide the right humidity when the desired level is reached. Afterwards, it will automatically turn off. You can always turn it on if you think the humidity level in your space dropped again.

This feature allows you to control the saturation of the air around you. This is best recommended when you are prone to seasonal allergies and chronic flu. It can greatly help in minimizing your symptoms by acting as a supportive mechanism. When the humidity is not in the normal level, there is a big chance for bacteria to propagate quickly. So, if you are concerned in keeping the air you breathe as fresh as possible, then it is time to get the SPT SU-1051B.

SPT SU-1051B Features and Specifications

  • Water Refill indicator – It notifies you when the PET water bottle is already empty and ready for refill.
  • 2 sized adapters – This provides greater versatility for the water bottles. It also prevents leaks.
  • Adjustable humidity Setting – This allows you to set it to low, medium, or high depending on your needs.
  • Compact and lightweight – The design of this humidifier allows you to carry it easily to different places.
  • Ultrasonic Frequency – Just like other humidifiers, this device uses ultrasonic frequency to operate.

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SPT SU-1051B Reviews

The SPT SU-1051B deserves a rating of 6.5 out of 10. One of the reasons why people purchase this humidifier is because of its additional feature of adjustable humidity settings. Most of the users are able to benefit from it especially those who are suffering from seasonal allergies.

It is also very useful during the winter season because the air could get dry because of the extremely cold weather. Some users were able to utilize this ultrasonic humidifier because it is able to make the air moisturized, thus, making breathing more comfortable.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing to improve in SPT SU-1051B, it’s probably the design. It is recommended that it be made more creative and catchy to the eyes. The maker can also manufacture different colors of this device to make it really appealing to the buyers. Applying creativity can help in improving its promotions in the market.


The SPT SU-1051B is a very portable travel humidifier because it is available in a very compact and lightweight design. You will also benefit from its adjustable settings that will allow you to adjust the humidity according to your comfort.

If you are going to travel, you should definitely bring this best lightweight humidifier. Nothing is better than being able to breathe in fresh air.

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