Standard Horizon GX1700W VHF Marine Radio Review

The Standard Horizon GX1700W VHF Marine Radio is another product of the Standard Horizon. It’s the first fixed VHF radio unit that has an internal GPS system. Because it is a framed device, you need to install it in the vessel. Nonetheless, the set-up process is easy because you don’t need to become a professional installer to set it up.

Many people compare it to the Cobra MR F45-D because of the look. However, the price is more expensive than the mentioned brand. But it is cheaper than other high-end units that offer similar features. The Standard Horizon GX1700 comes in a white color but you can also get the black one.wide orange410KAq6GvML

It’s More Than Just a Boat Radio System; It’s a GPS Tracker

As mentioned earlier, the GX1700 has a built-in channel GPS antenna. Its purpose is to identify the exact position of your vessel and to provide accurate DSC reporting. Furthermore, it features a compass that tells you which way to go. Hence, getting lost in the middle of the ocean is quite impossible if you use this system.

It Provides a Larger Dot Matrix Display for Easy Reading

Let’s face it! Not all sailors have a 20/20 vision. Some have problems with seeing things clearly, especially at night. Thus, the Standard Horizon has made a larger display for its users. It uses bold and bigger fonts so that everyone can read the information on the screen no matter what time it is.

Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness and the contrast of the screen. Hence, staring at the display for minutes won’t be a problem.

Standard Horizon GX1700 Features & Specifications

The Standard Horizon 1700 has a lot of functions to offer. Each caters to your different needs. Listed below are some of the components of this radio system.

  • Dual Output Power – the adjustable power wattage lets you transmit messages regardless of the distance.
  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone – it eliminates the noise that surrounds you, making it easier to convey your audio messages.
  • Cordless Microphone – though the unit is stationary, the mic is not. Hence, you can say that it is a semi-handset radio as you can bring the mic wherever you go.
  • Customizable Channel Names – it lets you find the channel that you want to see. You simply need to put the name of the waypoint and you’re done. If you found what you’ve been looking for, you can change the channel name again.
  • Advanced DSC Calling – it tracks other radio frequencies. Moreover, it receives, sends, and navigates location information and GPS waypoint.
  • Scanning Functions – it scans the weather, water current, and channels before setting sail.

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Standard Horizon GX1700 Reviews

We give the GX1700 VHF radio 9 out of 10 rating because of the number of positive comments that it gets. One of the boaters said that it has all the functions that he needs. He also added that the device is easy to operate and to install.

Another buyer said that it leads him where the schools of fish are. He could go back and forth without missing a direction. Hence, he is ready to go fishing in the big ocean, according to the user.

But the primary reason why it got numerous positive reviews is the performance of the unit. Many people said that it worked as advertised. Hence, most of them claimed that it is a must-have unit for a boat or ship.

Things to Improve

It may seem to be the best radio unit for sailing due to its rating, but the GX1700W also has some flaws. However, these issues are only minor problems. You can fix it by getting a free replacement from the manufacturer.

One of the common complaints is the distress flap. According to the user, the flap is so sensitive. If you accidentally touch it, you might send a wrong signal to other ships.

Another issue is the speaker. Even if you increase the volume, you can’t still hear the voice of the person you are talking with. You need to put the earpiece near to your ear and cover the other one just to hear the other party.


The Standard Horizon GX1700 is a self-contained marine GPS system. This device gives quick and accurate direction regardless of your location. Moreover, it boasts a large LCD screen, making it easier to read the displayed information.

But the best thing about it is the promises they’ve made. All the features and functions that are presented on ads are here. No wonder why it gets positive reviews from its buyers.

Nevertheless, it still has some flaws. Fortunately, these issues can be solved by simply replacing it with a new set. You only need to contact the manufacturer to get the package for free.

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