Standard Horizon HX870 Marine Radio Review

The Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF with internal GPS is the modern version of HX850 and HX851 models.

It’s a fine handheld radio that has a 6-power wattage and a DSC distress call and navigation. Furthermore, it also has a wider screen display compared to its previous models with softer keys. Hence, it is quite easier to use this tool whenever you are in the water.

The Standard Horizon HX870 also has an impressive feature. It has a warning light that automatically turns on whenever you drop the radio into the ocean. Hence, it is easier to find this unit even at night.wide orange41HvSKIZWwL

A Portable Marine Radio That Has a Built-In GPS Feature

Generally speaking, handheld radios don’t have a GPS function. Its primary features are weather alert and coast guard channels. However, the HX870 offers more than these components as it also has a GPS locator. Its purpose is to give you the exact location of your boat and to lead you to the right direction.

Hence, if you get lost in the middle of the ocean, you simply need to turn it on. This tool will tell you which way to go.

The Only Portable Marine Radio That Floats on the Water

Another unique feature of the HX870 is its floating ability. When you drop it into the ocean, you don’t need to dive in just to search for it. You simply need to look for a strobe light to know where you drop it and continue sailing.

Standard Horizon HX870 Features & Specifications

Of course, the HX870 radio is more than just a GPS unit and a floating device. This system has a lot of features to offer and these are:

  • NOAA Weather Alert – it lets you track the weather in your location, regardless of its strength.
  • Easy-to-Use Menu System – it features waypoint and route navigation, position sharing, DSC distress calls, and DSC calling. These functions can be done in a few steps.
  • DSC Group Position Call – it displays the current positions of up to nine boats, allowing tracking their locations.
  • Noise-Cancelling Capability – as the name suggests, it eliminates noise that surrounds the audio. In that way, it will be easier to listen to the person you’re communicating with.
  • Cohesive 66 Channel WAAS GPS Receiver – it allows the radio equipment to know the vessel’s position quickly and accurately. Furthermore, it lets you share your current location and sail to the waypoint.
  • Full Dot Matrix Display – the HX870 VHF has the largest screen in a marine radio. It lets you see the information clearly, making it ideal for those who have vision problems.

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Standard Horizon HXB70 Reviews

The unit has received positive reviews from its users; hence, getting 8 out of 10 rating. One of the users said that it is ideal for older citizens who love fishing. According to the reviewer, it locates the position of the boat easily and is easy to operate.

Another customer said that Standard Horizon HXB70 is the best marine radio system on the market. It is easier to communicate because he can convey messages clearly. He also added that he never missed a turn because of its GPS feature. Thus, he recommended it to other sailors.

Things to Improve

Though it is said to be the best marine radio unit on the market, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. This equipment has some setbacks as well.

First is the LED illumination. Most of its users are having a hard time in staring at the display due to its brightness. Even if they dim the light, the brightness is still an eyesore, especially during at night.

Another flaw is the battery life. One of the users said that the power goes away quickly compared to other handsets. Nevertheless, you can still use it if you’re planning to sail for a few hours.

Fortunately, the company can solve these things without a problem. For instance, they can use the red display so that users won’t have a difficult time in using the equipment.

As for the battery life, the unit has a 3-hour quick charger that you can bring anywhere. You simply need to plug it in and start charging.


The Standard Horizon HX870 is one of the top-selling marine radio handsets on the market. It is the only VHF radio system that floats on the water. Furthermore, it has an automated warning signal that turns on whenever you drop it into the ocean.

But the best thing about this system is the GPS feature. It not only gives your exact location but also tells you the right direction. Hence, it’s quite impossible to get lost in the ocean if you use this device.

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