Stanley 018800R Tool Chest Review

The Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center continues Stanley’s proud tradition of high-quality and reliable products. This portable work station is ideal for handymen, crafters or anyone who wants to keep their stuff organized. It’s multifunctional and can fit anywhere.

The 018800R comes with two distinct storage solutions – a tool box for hand tools and a lower bin for extra storage. Users can easily access tools via the slide down door while a snap-on latch keeps things secure. Meanwhile, the foldable handle makes the work center easy to control while the large wheels allows for smooth movement on any surface.

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Storage Mobility at Its Best

Nothing beats the Stanley 018800R when it comes to functionality and mobility. This mobile work center has three separate compartments. Each layer is designed to house various types of tools and equipment.

The top storage compartment is best used as a tool box for average-sized hand tools, screws and wrenches. Its portable tray gives users the luxury of just carrying the essentials, instead of bringing all the tools everywhere. Meanwhile, the bottom layer is ideal for storing power tools and other heavier equipment.

Both storage compartments are roomy and some users even claim it’s too spacious. The impression is understandable, as the top section measures 17” long, 8 1/2” wide and 6” deep. Meanwhile, the lower bin is 17” long, 10” wide and 14” high.

Finally, the Stanley 018800R’s large, sturdy wheels and thick handle makes it easy to move and maneuver. Whatever the terrain is, the tool chest remains stable, ensuring that the tools stored inside it are kept in place.

One Size Fits All Work Center

One the best things about the Stanley 018800R rolling work center is how it can be used anywhere and by anyone. While its storage capacity makes it the perfect place to store tools, it’s also great for keeping camping gear, cooking ware and costumes for competitions.

The large wheels on the 018800R might allow users to easily bring it anywhere, but it’s also good for stationary storage. The space between the wheels and the bottom bin keeps it dry and secure from rodents. Furthermore, the quality of the materials used in this work station ensure that it can last a long time.

Stanley 018800R Features & Specifications

  • Top storage compartment with compact tray for hand tools
  • Large lower bin for power tools and large tools
  • Slide down door with an easy to shut latch
  • Large wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Foldable handle for extra storage
  • Product Dimension: 18” x 11” x 24.4”

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Stanley 018800R Reviews

The Stanley 018800R has received positive reviews from very diverse users. Judging by the compliments it accrued and its features, this work station deserves a grade of 8.4/10 stars. Its portability, spacious compartments and easy to access storage are the features that apparently made the 018800R popular.

Interestingly, this Stanley product seems to be the preferred portable work station of crafters, show contestants, groomers and artists. One hair stylist described the 018800R as an amazing tool chest. According to her, she used the top compartment to store tubs of clips, numerous combs, several scissor cases, drapes and hair styling books. Blow dryers, hair clippers, hot tools and manicure kits are stored in the lower bin.

Meanwhile, one mom proudly shared a photo of the Stanley work station she and her daughters bring to dance competitions. Aside from personalizing the 018800R with her daughter’s names, she also revealed that the unit was perfect for storing costumes, shoes, hair accessories and make-up. She also mentioned that their Stanley tool chest now weighed 50-lbs but was still perfect.

Things to Improve

Of course, no product is perfect and the Stanley 018800R does come with minor flaws. One common complaint users mentioned was how easy the chest would tip over if it was top-heavy. Most users found this was remedied by simply storing the heavy items in the bottom bin. But there was one user who went as far as to install a foldable “kicker” to solve the problem.

There were also comments that the tool box tray was too flexible, causing its rectangular shape to become misaligned. Some also pointed out that the lower bin was too dark, making it difficult to search for items at times. However, the users also shared the simple solutions they came up with to fix the two problems.


The Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center is the perfect choice for those looking for portable and flexible storage units. Its two compartments allow for both large tools and small, fragile items to be stored. The slide down door and easy snap latches allow easy access while the large wheels result in effortless maneuvering.

The 018800R work center’s design makes it great for business endeavors and personal use. You can read other tool chest reviews for more information.

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