Stanley 020800R Tool Chest Review

If there’s one thing that handymen or crafters need to make their lives easier, it’s the Stanley 020800R FatMax. Bringing several bags of tools to a job site will become a thing of the past, thanks to this 4-in-1 mobile work station.

The FatMax tool chest boasts of a portable tray, a parts bin and a spacious lower bin that can easily fit large power tools. Its trademarked design allows for easy access to all the compartments while a heavy-duty lock keeps everything safe. More importantly, it’s designed for easy maneuverability, allowing the user to bring it anywhere.

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Designed to Make Life More Organized

The best thing about the Stanley 020800R is the amount of stuff that can be crammed in one space. The tool chest has four storage compartments – toolbox, parts organizer, a portable tray and a roomy lower bin. Measuring 19”x11”x16,” the lower bin is the largest of the compartments and can easily hold power tools like a circular saw or a cordless drill.

Meanwhile, the parts organizer is equally divided into 8 compartments that can hold a variety of small items. The dividers are removable and can be arranged according to need. The toolbox section also has ample storage space while the removable tray comes with four compartments. The user can easily detach and carry the tray, saving time as the user won’t need to go back and forth to get the needed tools.

 A Tool Chest and Portable Work Station in One

One of the best things about the Stanley 020800R is its capability to transform from a tool chest to a portable work station. Yes, the FatMax actually does more than hold tools. It can also be used as a work station for cutting wires or sawing pipes. The top of the toolbox has a V groove and an integrated ruler. The former can hold materials firmly in place while the latter comes in handy when a quick measurement is required.

The heavy-duty wheels on this particular Stanley tool chest and the large handle also help make bringing the FatMax to a work site easy and problem-free. What’s more, it’s so designed that a quick pull-up motion on the front latch would open the tool chest while the cantilevered design makes it easy to go through the contents.

Stanley 020800R FatMax Features & Specifications

  • trademarked braced tier rolling system with multiple levels that allows quick and simultaneous access to the four storage areas
  • strong structural foam construction
  • wide handle for effortless navigation
  • Ball Bearing slides for stability, even with a heavy load
  • super durable 7” rubber-coated wheels, optimized for stability
  • massive, heavy-duty metal clamps with provisions for a padlock
  • Product Dimensions (closed): 29” x 17” x 22”

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Stanley 020800R FatMax Reviews

The 020800R FatMax has already received more than 300 reviews and most customers were generous with their praises. Based on the feedback it got and an analysis of its design and features, we give it a rating of 9.5/ 10 stars. A lot of users are very happy with how they were able to really organize their tools and equipment using it. Surprisingly, the FatMax is also popular among campers and crafters.

One customer talked about how he was able to use it as a camp kitchen. He said he stored the camp stove, pots and pans, table cloths, eating and cooking utensils, plates and cups in it. Despite the tool chest being packed with camping stuff, he claimed it was still easy to maneuver and praised its lock system for keeping animals away from the food.

Another user admitted to using it to store her scrapbooking tools while a different customer revealed he bought one for his wife to use when their daughter had dance competitions. Most comments singled out how roomy the lower bin is and how easy it is to find what they need due to the compartments’ design.

Things to Improve

While most customers were very satisfied with it, there were also comments about the wheels. Apparently, the wheels become a little unstable when the chest carries very heavy loads and bounces dangerously when taken up stairs.

There were also users who said they had a difficult time opening the FatMax at first. One patron said it was a design error while another attributed it to just being unfamiliar with the tool chest since it was just purchased. However, most concurred that these were just minor inconveniences and were easily fixed.


The Stanley brand is renowned for its high-quality and the 020800R FatMax continues to uphold that standard. Its four storage compartments and trademarked multi-level rolling system makes it easy for users to find and access the tools they need. Meanwhile, the rubber coated wheels and wide handle make it easier to move while a heavy-duty latch keeps things secure.

Its strong structure and design makes the FatMax a worthwhile investment for professionals and crafters alike. To know more about the Stanley 020800R FatMax and similar products, check out other best tool chests here.

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