Streamlight 66118 LED Pen Flashlight Review

Streamlight is possible one of the most well-known names when it comes to flashlights. The Streamlight 66118 LED Pen Flashlight which is their new product boasts of amazing features and great light power.

Flashlights have become important to people’s daily lives; this is because there are plenty of uses for them especially during emergencies. Not only have that, but flashlights also become useful for outdoor activities and such.

When you need useful tools for your family member giving them, portable flashlights like this can be very helpful. All they need is extra batteries, and a little light can help them in the simplest ways during an emergency. Over the past years, Streamlight has had a significant improvement on their flashlights which si why you can expect some good quality from the Streamlight 66118.

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41LHzmd13WLExcellent Performance from the Streamlight 66118

One of the things that the Streamlight boasts is that they have been a major player in the flashlight business even from before. This meant that they already have a steady stream of customers that expect nothing but good quality from the products.

With the Streamlight 66118, you can expect better performance especially when it comes to the quality of the light beam that comes out of the LED.

Not only is that but the Streamlight 66118 quite affordable since Streamlight is also known for least expensive products with just the right quality.  The packaging itself is nice and comfortable protects the Streamlight 66118 within it, making sure that there will be no damage once you receive the item.

If you want a good quality flashlight that is portable, reliable and durable, Streamlight 66118 is the primary product to consider.

Impressive Light of the Streamlight 66118

The main purpose of the Streamlight 66118 is to give light, and it inevitably sticks true to its purpose. The light weight of the product, as well as the portable functions, makes it an easy tool to bring around wherever you may need it to be.

It can conveniently fit in your pocket and gives a very bright light out of its white C4 LED and g4 lumens lens. It also has a 6.5-hour lifespan and has a tear-resistant nylon holster making it easier for you to carry it around.

Streamlight 66118 Features

  • It uses a Micro Optical System (MOS) that optimizes the runtime and the output
  • It shines with w very bright high-flux LED ½ watt with the new C4 lED technology
  • It can shine brightly up to 6.25 hours runtime with 65 lumens in 5,4-inch length of beam
  • Very lightweight and compact, great for easy storage
  • Weighs about 1.6 ounces
  • Very durable and has a lifetime limited warranty
  • Run by two AAA batteries
  • Measures about 5.3×0.6×0.6 inches
  • Made out of anodized aluminum
  • Features polycarbonate lens
  • Available in white and black LED colors

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The Streamlight 66118 has impressive reviews from customers. Thus it has a 9.7 rating out of 10. This is because of how powerful the light beam is despite how small and portable the flashlight.

Customers love the idea of carrying something very useful and handy with them anywhere. The light weightiness of the flashlight also added to the satisfaction of the customers since they can carry the flashlight without ever feeling of carrying something heavy and bulky.

The light weight aluminum adds wonders to how the Streamlight 66118 is created.  Customers liked how the flashlight appeared to look rugged and that the clip is very useful and durable. They can easily clip it onto their bags or belt for easy access. Even placing the flashlight in the pocket proved no problems at all.

Things to Improve

Sometimes when in use the light of the Streamlight 66118 may seem dim, this may be because of a faulty lens or sometimes the modes need to be set right. In other cases, the other lights of some flashlights may appear brighter, and the Streamlight 66118 can use a brighter lighting as well.

The brightness isn’t that bad, but it could use more for it to become a better product. Just a bit of brightness wouldn’t hurt the performance of the Streamlight 66118; it is already good for the size that it has and making a brighter bulb can only make it better.


There isn’t anything much that the Streamlight 66118 can’t compete with, it has all the great characteristics of a useful and handy flashlight. It’s bright for the size that it has, it is very compact, and it has a long battery life. It’s very durable even when dropped a couple of times and waterproof as well. It’s your to-go tool when you want you to take it for camping or hiking since it has a very durable build.

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