Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED Flashlight Review

Ever since 40 years ago, Streamlight has been dedicated to using the real-world experience that involves a practical approach to creating innovations in lighting and illumination technology. This commitment has led to the creation of many reliable flashlights; wherein the Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED Flashlight is one. This Flashlight is a durable and bright product that you can rely on whatever task is at hand.

As part of the Stringer series, the Streamlight 75458 is designed to suit the greater needs of some customers who require longer run times and better performance. It features 2200 mAh rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, which can be recharged up to 1000 times, which is a huge increase compared to other models that can only last up to 500 times of recharging.

The good thing about the compatible battery pack with this model is that you can also use nickel-cadmium batteries of 1800 mAh but with 20% less runtime as compared to its standard batteries. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy more runtime with the illumination that you need.

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31sb0a92BjNL 7Reliable Light Performance with Maximum Output of 640 Lumens

The Streamlight 75458 has four modes namely, high, medium, low, as well as strobe. To prompt the highest light output, all you have to do is a single click. This will emit 640 lumens.

For the medium and low outputs at 340 and 170 lumens, respectively, just click and hold to activate the light’s cycling into its three brightness levels: high then medium then low then medium then high.

As you release the switch, your chosen output will be set. Note that you can change the output level even if the light is already turned on. To activate the Strobe mode, to disorient a potential attacker or make signals, you need to make 2 fast clicks. This can also be activated even when the light is on. To turn the flashlight off, a single click is all that you need to make.

The light modes of the flashlight have an exceptional beam range. For the low mode, you can cover a good 485 feet; medium mode, the beam can reach up to 688 feet, and; high mode, you can cover as much as 974 feet. This is quite a lot of ground that you can cover even with the lowest light settings.

Durable Make for Guaranteed Longevity

Apart from the performance, one other factor that you can rely on with the Streamlight 75458 is its construction. The exterior of this flashlight is type-II anodized, which makes it scratch and corrosion-resistant.

The head of the flashlight is made with silicon dioxide coating, which is also scratch-resistant. As for its body, you can observe that it is covered in rubber for a solid grip. Enabling a good and firm grip will prevent drops and falls when in use, which contributes to sustaining its lifespan.

Streamlight 75458 Features and Specifications

  • C4 LED technology – For reliable brightness
  • Optimized electronics runtime –  When the charge depletes by 70% for the first 15 minutes of runtime, the flashlight then activates a steady output for consistency, 1 hour 15 minutes high, 2 hours medium, 4 hours low, and 3 hours strobe
  • Dimensions for compactness – 8.85 inches long, weighing 12.8 ounces
  • Output – 640 lumens at high, 340 lumens at medium, 170 lumens at low
  • Power Source  Nickel metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery Pack that can be recharged up to 1000 times

wide orangeStreamlight 75458 Reviews

 The Streamlight 75458 has garnered 410+ reviews, which includes a majority of good feedback from buyers. For its amazing reputation and feedback, we give it a rating for 9.6/10. One reviewer said that this was the best investment that he has ever made in his life. For its craftsmanship and power, it was surely worth the price, according to the reviewer.

Things to Improve

While many customers are satisfied with the Streamlight 75458, it is not perfect. One of its minor setbacks is its battery life. Considering its brightness, you can expect that it will not last as long as dim flashlights. This is one engineering aspect for improvement.

To resolve this problem, it is important always to bring the charger with you. Better yet, stock on spare chargers that you can bring with you. Still, its overall performance and quality are all the reason you need to buy it.


The Streamlight 75458 is ideal for any application whether you are working in the night or day. Its maximum output can cover your illumination needs even in the darkest areas. It can also withstand sun glare, in case you need to use a flashlight during the day. Whatever line of work you are in, such as in law enforcement, repair industry, or even just using it as an emergency device, this flashlight will do the job.

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