StrongSuit 20300-L Motorcycle Gloves Review

This is a classic type of motorcycle glove that is sure to add style into your motorcycling riding. The StrongSuit Voyager motorcycle gloves are made to keep your hands protected and to make you look good at all times because of its material. This fashionable and functional set of gloves is made using dyed cow leather, which promises durability and surely long-lasting.

Aside from the high quality leather material, it is also incorporated with a mesh top that makes it comfortable when worn. It is designed to give anyone who wears it a perfect fit with its leather straps and curved fingers. This pair of gloves gives your fingers full functionality to do any kind of strokes and movements.

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Long-Lasting Leather Material


Aside from its fashionable qualities, leather is a great material to use for all kinds of clothes and accessories because it’s both durable and long-lasting. For this reason, the StrongSuit Voyager glove is the best choice for you if you need a motorcycle glove that is classy and can protect you from harmful objects during your ride.

The integrated perforated mesh top on this pair of gloves creates a breathable accessory that is comfortable to wear through any kind of weather conditions. This is surely an all-around glove that you can use not only for motorcycling but for other types of sports as well.

The leather material is great to use for motorcycle riders because it gives them a better and stronger grip of their bike.

Promises to Give You an Excellent Fit

The StrongSuit Voyager gloves are designed with leather straps and a fixed form that ensure an excellent fit for any size of hand. It also comes in seven sizes to ensure the best fit for you. Sizes include extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large, and triple extra large.

The design is fully functional, which means you can move all of your fingers while wearing this pair of gloves. The pre-curved finger design ensures that your fingers are safe and snug inside as you ride.

StrongSuit Voyager Features and Specifications

  • Made with Cow Leather – this product is made from cow leather, which makes it strong and long-lasting.
  • Stylish and Fashionable – this product will surely add style and class to your clothes compared to other motorcycle gloves.
  • Great Fit – designed to give you an excellent fit with its fixed form and pre-curved fingers.
  • Added Safety – this pair of gloves feature a reflective piping to enhance safety during nighttime.
  • Built-in Knuckle Protection – the incorporated knuckle armor is available for protection from accidents.
  • Great Sizing – this pair of gloves comes in seven sizes to make sure that you get the one that is best suited for your hands.

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StrongSuit Voyager Reviews

The StrongSuit Voyager gloves’ rating is a 9.3 out of 10 based on the customer reviews. This is a great product with  soft leather material that is reinforced in the areas where it’s needed. If you ride almost every day, you normally wear out the gloves in two to three month’s time, but this pair will last you for longer than that. This pair is one size smaller than the other bigger brands, but it has a great and comfortable fit since day one.

You can surely rely on the built-in knuckle protection for any kind of accidents and unforeseen events where you might need it. The choice of material makes you look classy and stylish, so you don’t ever want to take them off. You can wear them inside establishments while carrying the helmet at the side for an added effect.

Things to Improve

The StrongSuit Voyager gloves look stylish to most people. It is considered as one of the best motorcycle gloves today. However, there are customers who claim that they were disappointed with how the actual product looks when it gets delivered to them.

There are also very picky customers who say that the gloves do not match the size of their hands despite the elaborate sizing that the product offers.


The StrongSuit Voyager gloves are not only stylish and fashionable, but it is also fully functional. It allows you to do all types of movements while wearing it. It is long-lasting because it is made with genuine cow leather material that is sure to withstand daily usage. It is also made for protection as it is reinforced in areas where it counts and has a built-in knuckle protector to absorb impacts and shocks.

This is a great product that definitely stands out from all other motorcycle gloves, but just like any other product in the market, it’s not perfect. If you want to look for other kinds of gloves, take a look at other best motorcycle glove reviews.

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