Stuff You Should Know About Air Compressors

Anyone that is a regular in the garage or workshop will know all about air compressors but for those less familiar they may not realise just how important they are to everyday life. The most basic of compressors is probably the 12 volt model so let’s take a look at it in closer detail.

It is probably one of the easiest compressors to use. The compressed air inside is either engine driven or manually driven. A compressor is what determines the amount of pressure in your tyres depending on the surface. Muddy, sandy and rocky surfaces all require different air pressure and less pressure lets the vehicle travel across surfaces more easily.

A vehicle with a heavy load can be in danger of getting stuck in muddy surfaces and this is where a 12V compressor can come in really handy. It can be installed through the battery or hand wired to the electrical system. As long as there is space for it and it is not near any important parts it is fine.

In a recent survey of trucks it was found that the use of 12V air compressors improved safety on rough terrains. Drivers of large trucks said that having one installed made driving easier on rough terrain and a more enjoyable experience. The latest modifications in 12V air compressors have seen a rise in their popularity especially for trucks.

12v air compressors are recommended for use in trucks making out of town trips and provide a better quality ride and more vehicle flexibility. For those in the know, a 12V air compressor in your truck is essential for feeling safe and happy.