Sun2Solar Solar Pool Cover Review

The Sun2Solar 20’x40’ rectangle solar pool cover is among the popular choices when it comes to solar pool covers. This pool cover can help you save because it is a pool heater that does not consume electricity.

It is able to heat the pool using the heat from the sun. Because of this very efficient solar cover, you no longer have to worry about your ever increasing electricity bill due to old-fashioned water-heating devices.

Aside from being an energy-saver, the Sun2Solar rectangle solar pool cover is very durable and can last for a very long period of time.

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This Sun2Solar solar pool blanket is truly an energy-saver. It is purely getting its heating power from the sun’s radiation. The heat from the sun is being captured and trapped by the pool cover. It can then transfer the heat to your pool warming it up to increase temperature from five to ten degrees.

This Sun2Solar solar pool cover is one of the favorites based on online reviews. This is because of the thousands of small air bubbles shaped differently than the regular solar pool covers. The bubbles in this pool cover have rounder shape increasing their ability to heat the pool’s water. Because of the bubbles’ design and shape which are similar to those of a lens, this pool cover is able to magnify the heat of the sun.

This pool cover can also sustain the heat all throughout a 48-hour period. Imagine all these heating benefits but no electricity being consumed.

Durable and Reliable

The effective heat capture and transmission can be attributed to the pool cover’s material which is a durable polymer plastic resin.

This material allows light and heat to pass through and penetrate because of its very high-transparency properties. This resin material also acts as a heavy-duty protection against any debris that might go to your pool. It also maintains the pool’s chemical levels of chlorine.

Sun2Solar pool cover is best for rectangular pools with bigger dimensions of 20’x40’ but can also be easily trimmed to fit your pool size.

Sun2Solar Solar Pool Cover Features and Specifications

  • 100 % solar energy use which results to 5–10 degree temperature raise.
  • Made from durable resin
  • Designed with thousands of tiny air bubbles to catch and trap heat from the sun and then transmits it to your swimming pool
  • Helps prevent pool water evaporation of up to 95%. Thus, it reduces heat loss in the evening and during cloudy days.
  • Comes with 6-year limited warranty (2-year full warranty)

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Sun2Solar Solar Pool Cover Reviews

The Sun2Solar solar pool blanket received a very high Editor Rating of 9.4/10. A lot of satisfied customers all say that it surely does the heating really well. It also prevents the water to evaporate; thus, they are saving not only electricity but also water.

One pool owner is also very happy because aside from keeping their pool warm, it is keeping it clean from dirt and also it is keeping the frogs away.

Another customer mentioned that the material is very durable and it doesn’t feel cheap. It appears thick and sturdy. It is also very easy to install.

The packaging of the product also received a lot of praises from the customers. Even though solar pool blanket is very much affordable, the packaging really looks expensive and not cheap at all.

Things to Improve

One minor negative feedback is that the cover is a bit heavy. However, this is only a little issue compared to all the benefits you could get from using this Sun2Solar pool cover.

The savings you could get from using this solar pool blanket is over the top since you can save on both electricity and water. Plus, there’s also a warranty that backs this product. Truly worth every penny you will be spending on this product.


Sun2Solar solar pool blanket will really get your pool warm so you no longer have to freeze yourself just to have a good day swim.

With this solar pool blanket, you will feel like swimming in the tropical region every time. It will also keep your pool clean as the solar blanket also serves as a protective cover. This solar blanket is very durable and will be worth every penny you will shell out.

If you are thinking of buying a solar pool cover, find out more about the Sun2Solar 20’x40’ Rectangle solar pool cover and compare it with the other solar pool blankets by reading more solar pool cover reviews.

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