Sunwayman V11R U2 LED Flashlight Review

The Sunwayman V11R U2 Tactical LED Flashlight is a variable-power electric flashlight that fits right in your pocket for its compactness. With its small size, you can bring it anywhere and anytime, which translates to greater safety as you have a heavy-duty lighting device with you to illuminate your surroundings and use as a weapon as well.

This LED flashlight is packaged with its own holster and is powered by a standard AA battery. You can also opt to power it with a CR123 battery for greater intensity. Its greatest yield reaches 500 Lumens, which makes it sufficient for use for almost any undertaking.

This unit boasts its portability for the combination of its durable build construction, small size and lightweight, and variable intensities. All of its features lead to the convenience of users no matter what application they have in mind.

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Tough Construction and Waterproof Design

The Sunwayman V11R is guaranteed to be waterproof since it is wrapped in an anodized aluminum combination, submersible to up to two meters, which makes it a flawless option to light climbing and outdoors equipment (where it is common to get your things wet) or as a reserve light. You can use it in extreme weather conditions without affecting its functionality.

In the event that you drop it into shallow water, no damage will happen. In addition, it uses what is known as a completely adjustable magnetic control—which means that the beam without affecting the scope and the intensity you have set.

Variable Intensity for Different Applications

The Sunwayman V11R  boasts its “Infinite Adjustable Output Switch”, which transforms the beam output from 1 to 190 lumens. You can also utilize a Li-particle rechargeable CR123A so that it can quickly pump out an astounding 500 lumens.

The brightest setting of the Sunwayman V11R is ideal for strolling during the evening in a dim region. You will feel safe with the light it gives as it helps you spot vehicles passing by while they also see you taking a stroll. In this way, mishaps are prevented. Then again, its dimmest setting does not ruin your night vision at times when you have to go to the restroom or the kitchen amidst the night.

With its variable light settings, it is a supplement to your tool set—whether on the go, on a daily stroll with a pet, or just as an addition to your home maintenance unit.

Sunwayman V11R Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Output – 500 Lumens
  • Power Source – CR123 Battery or AA Battery
  • Variable Magnetic Control – To achieve desired light intensity
  • Waterproof Design – In compliance with IPX-8 standards; submersible up to 2 meters
  • Compact for Convenience – Dimensions are 84 mm x 23 mm, 49 grams
  • Cree XM-L U2 LED Technology – For efficient performance
  • Runtime – Max of 35 hours at 1 lumen, max of 1.5 Hours at 190 lumens, and max of 25 Minutes at 500 lumens (when operated in 5-minute bursts)
  • Effective Beam Distance – 130 meters

wide orangeSunwayman V11R Reviews

The Sunwayman V11R has already collected 46+ reviews. We took into consideration the feedback this flashlight got from its buyers, so we give it a rating of 8/10 stars.

One customer has said that it is the best flashlight powered by an AA battery. Another customer has said that it was perfect for general utility and for bringing every day.

Some other customers expressed their delight over the features of the light such as the variable light output. They have loved how easy it was to adjust the light intensity as dictated by the circumstances.

Things to Improve

Just like any other flashlight, the Sunwayman V11R has its flaws. An “off” switch setting on the magnetic adjuster ring could have made the functionality of the flashlight even better.

The alternate battery to which this unit is compatible with is a bit difficult to find in your local shops. Also, a strobe function could have been more beneficial, especially since this can be used as a weapon.

While some customers fail to see the value of this flashlight, its many positive feedbacks are proof enough that there are actual people that benefit from its functionality. Its overall features are surely worth some of the misconceptions and existing minor flaws that this flashlight has.


The Sunwayman V11R is a compact illumination device that is easy to dim or brighten with varying intensities. If you need an extremely bright light, the maximum output of this unit can surely deliver. However, if you need a discreet level of beam coverage, this unit also provides it.

The choice of power sources that you can use with this flashlight gives you freedom to back up on energy in case of emergencies or immediate use. The Sunwayman V11R highlights its affordability, lightweight, and durability, which all add up to convenience.

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