Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs Review

Superwinch has been a trusted provider of quality equipment. Professionals and the like are relying on some of their tools to Superwinch LLC. Products of the company are made for fast, easy installation be it detachable or not. Their tools are speedo and compactly constructed. Superwinch is a right choice in choosing for a winch.

The Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 is a high-end power tool. The device stage versatility, durability, and portability. It can be used in various work situations that involve pulling up or the otherwise. It is equipped with multiple switching options making the work recreational and lighter.

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61Mqbo0QOIL 2High-powered Performance

Tough terrains have been considered in making Terra 35. Along with all competing items in the market today, Terra 35 appears to be fit for almost any power sports vehicle you ride. It is because it has been designed to fit any four-bolt pattern ATV winch. It features a non-deniable power and confidence of a heavy-duty all-metal planetary gear train. Compared to competitors candidate, the rugged all-steel gears are doubled as wide as those used by the competition entities. It assures an uncompromised movement for the following years to come regardless of the weather conditions.

Safety Measures and Usage

Safety has been one of the considerations in conceiving Terra 35. Bearing this in mind, it consists of invaluable safety standards that will be of great help every user of the product. Safety features involve mechanical load holding and sophisticated braking to lessen possible rope slippage just in case there exist power interruption. Add to that its ability to give an immediate response in emergency cases.

It also possesses its own circuit breaker protection to assure safety, reliability, and electromagnetic power through all weather conditions.

Terra 35 Features and Specifications

Efficiency. It is sealed with a 1.6 permanent magnet motor enabling mechanical holding to the load. It is praised for having a dynamic brake as well.

Ergonomic cam action. A steel wire rope with 50′ of 13/64″.

Twice bigger than competing brands. The all-steel planetary gear is bigger against competing brands in the market. It also has oil pocket bronze bearings.

Completely protected circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is coated with and sealed with solenoid to withstand weather conditions.

Limited lifetime warranty. The company is willing to maintain the unit under limited conditions.

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Terra 35 Reviews and Ratings

Verified buyers are giving Terra 35 a rate of 9.5/10. The ratings is based primarily on the substantiality and usefulness of the item. One of many users decided to settle with Terra 35 after many times of switching from different brands. He added that what convinced him the most is the permanent magnet motor for his application. Installation is not difficult. Though he lamented about the price, he concluded that it is worth spending money for and ensures satisfaction to all potential buyers.

A satisfied user agrees that the product can last longer compared to other brands. Noting the durability and portability of the product, he said that it is very well built. The motor gear doesn’t have an annoying sound. He reiterated that Terra 35 is a very versatile tool for all kinds of uses.

A Chinese customer applauded the power and the release mechanism of the tool. He highly recommends the winch for use by needing individuals.

Things to Improve

The product might be near into perfection. On the other hand, there are still available rooms for improvement. The versatility is good but needs to be boosted more since a rising number of claims demands more versatile out of the product.

On the other hand, there should be variations of colors as well. This is to suit the preferences of each individual. Additionally, there seem to be claims about the high price of Terra 35. Recalculation of the cost per unit and possible price discounts will certainly increase the sales of the item. Of course, these flaws cannot be avoided but when given appropriate action, it will be for the mutual benefit of the provider, and it’s clients.


Terra 35 is a quality winching tool that can be used whenever necessary. Its efficiency and durability is something that other competitive brands cannot outstand. Superwinch has proved to be one the best providers of such tools in the market. The ratings and reviews are speaking in favor of the product.

One outstanding feature of Terra 35 is its promotion of safety usage. The product is full of precautionary measures which is essential for all mechanical tools. No doubt this item is being patronized even if the price is higher than its competitors in the same category. The fact that it can be ordered online and be delivered to your doors after a day is one of the factors boosting its sales performance.

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