SureFire 6P Flashlight Review

SureFire 6P is a compact high-performance flashlight, which features an anodized aerospace aluminum body, ensuring that it would last long. The product is also powered by SureFire incandescent lamp and precise micro-textured reflector, both working to generate brilliant light with sufficient power to blind you for a limited time. If you are encountering an aggressor, you would be able to make him or her get lost through marring his or her night vision.

The product is also powered with a push button tail cap switch, which is designed to be perfect in generating high-quality and safeguarded activation control. You may twist it for constant power and press for a temporary beam.wide orange


Micro-Textured Reflector

The feature is one of the reasons why the product is a good quality option. It proves that the flashlight is for professional use and guarantees customer satisfaction. It could work for the most strenuous operation without having to fail even a second. As proven by experts, the reflector is designed to give optimized and smooth beam. Compared to other lenses, it improves the level of light throw, ensuring a better beam quality.

If you would compare the reflector to standard quality counterparts, such as orange peel reflector, it is apparently better. Even by combining the reflector with other of its kinds, it would still improve the quality of the beam. Nonetheless, combining it with a smooth hybrid reflector would ensure the greatest impact.

In this kind of reflector, it was stated that the beam artifacts are diffused, whereas the light remaining amount would be reflected by the smooth part. The area diffused would then unify the off-colored light equally into the ray.

Aerospace Aluminum Body

This SureFire flashlight is made of top quality aluminum body, which has been the product of aircraft and rocket technology advancement. The aerospace aluminum you would find in the product is linked to the aluminum alloy improvement and production. The history of this upgrade goes back as early as 1903, which is when the Wright brothers utilized the metal to develop a crankcase for their biplane engine.

According to studies, aluminum was used as the chief propellant for the solid rocket booster motor of a space shutter for it is difficult to put on fire accidentally. Moreover, the material has higher density volume.

It was reported that even the continued space exploration of Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will use aluminum as primary structures.

SureFire 6P Features and Specifications

SureFire 6P is available with 65 lumens of output in 60 minutes. It could work up to one hour straight with the support of its precision micro-texture reflector, which generates an optimized and seamless beam. The body of the flashlight is coated with impact resistance material and high-performance aerospace aluminum. The aluminum material is anodized for further strength. The flashlight is also designed with a tail cap switch for both constant and temporary switch-on.

The dimensions of the flashlight are 5.1 inches by 1.3 inches by 1.3 inches. The product is very light at 5.3 ounces.

Given below are its other major features:

  • Tempered Pyrex Window – The flashlight window material makes it more durable with a minimal mess from probable breakage. The material also ensures maximum functionality for a longer time. The window has been made from glass that has low thermal expansion attribute.
  • Tailcap Switch-On – You may choose whether to switch the flashlight on momentarily or constantly, which would reduce the effort in operating the product when working.
  • Switch Lockout – The feature enables protecting the battery and flashlight lives by avoiding accidental switch-on during storage or transport.
  • Weatherproof – No matter where you would use the product, you could guarantee that it would not wear out. Even its operation would be consistent despite harsh conditions.
  • Lightweight – The flashlight is very portable, giving you no reason to leave it in your storage. It would not even take a lot of space in your bag.
  • Reasonably Priced – Compared to other flashlights, it is reasonably priced, assuring you do not have to worry about your budget.wide orange

SureFire 6P Reviews

The editor’s rating for SureFire 6P is 9 out of 10.

The product received mostly positive feedbacks from its users. According to most, they consider the light produced by the flashlight brilliant, which would make you prevent buying regular flashlights in the future. Moreover, many existing users commended how conveniently small and light the product is.

Things to Improve

There is nothing much to improve about the product. Customers who have encountered pitfalls in using the product have likely received a defective product from the provider.


SureFire 6P is a must-try product. Clients have proven that all of the features it claims to perform or provide are found in the product. In addition, despite its great quality, it is still priced reasonably.

Nonetheless, it is your choice to compare the product to other existing flashlights. You may do this by checking out the best surefire flashlight reviews.wide orange