SureFire 6PX Surefire Flashlight Review

SureFire 6PX is a virtually indestructible LED flashlight, which is regulated to extend operation time and maximize the output of the beam.

It is available in two levels of light: 15 lumens and 320 lumens. The dual output tail cap of the LED emitter is available for constant and temporary on, which are both helpful in law enforcement operations.

The product is also designed with accurate micro-textured reflector, which generates improved and seamless beam. You would also find this flashlight in a more durable frame made from an aerospace aluminum body and Mil-Spec hard-anodized material.

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Polycarbonate Window

Apart from its highly damage-resistant LED emitter, the flashlight is designed with a polycarbonate window. The material could be further protected from impact, accidental drops, and intensive heat among others.

Compared to glass or plastic lenses, experts found out that polycarbonate glass is up to 10 times more protective. In addition, it is even lighter in weight, which is why it is commonly used in sports eyewear, eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

Polycarbonate is known for being an outstanding resistant glass. Despite being so strong, it is also flexible. In other words, it would simply absorb the energy from a certain impact without being fractured. Most of the time, the material is being coated with scratch protection to be as hard as glass.

The material is also greatly pliable, which means it could typically be developed at room temperature without breaking or cracking. This makes it almost similar to aluminum sheet metal. This encourages manufacturers to choose it for clear tubes, clear windows, diffusers, 3D printed models, machinery guards, and color tinted translucent prototypes among others.

Polycarbonate also has the ability to reduce the amount of glare. You would often observe that the material is used in highway’s lighted signs to both reduce extreme glare and protect the LED.

Anodized Aluminum Material

The product is made out of a framework anodized for further sturdiness. Anodizing is basically the process of using electrochemical compounds, which would convert a metal into durable, decorative, and corrosion-resistant finish out of anodic oxide. Aluminum is more commonly anodized compared to titanium and magnesium.

Anodic oxide, the main component of the process, is made from aluminum oxide and aluminum substrate. The former is not applied similarly to plating or painting. Instead, it is mixed with an underlying aluminum substrate. In other words, you do not have to worry that it will peel or even chip. Besides, experts could guarantee that the anodized material has an extremely porous and highly-ordered structure, which would allow for processes such as sealing and coloring.

Truthfully, you would not only find the material in SureFire flashlights but in satellites as well to protect them from harsh conditions in space. Do you know that the material is also utilized in the Sears Tower in Illinois? Apart from providing highly-strengthened exterior, the material could grant lower maintenance. The material is also widely accepted as an environmentally-friendly solution that could provide few to no effects on water, land, and air.

SureFire 6PX Features and Specifications

SureFire 6PX is designed with a durable LED emitter, two output levels, dual output tail cap, and micro-textured reflector among others. You may have this product with dimensions of 1.5 inches by 5.2 inches by 1.5 inches. Moreover, its total weight is 5.28 ounces.

To know more about the product, here are its other top features:

  • High-Efficiency LED – The product is designed with failure immune LED, which means that you would not need to find filament to break or burn simply to generate a 32-lumen ray from the flashlight.
  • Classical Tail cap – You may constantly switch on the flashlight or momentarily turn it on. This is highly ideal if you are in a law enforcement operation.
  • Military Specifications Design – The flashlight is designed to comply with the high standards of the military in producing its tools that could resist corrosion, scratches, and abrasion all at the same time.
  • Weatherproof – Regardless of the environmental condition, you could guarantee that the product would not fail at all in spite of constant runtime.
  • High-Energy Batteries Available – The package is available with high-energy 123A batteries with a shelf life of as much as a decade.
  • Perfect Brightness Balance – It would never emit a very bright light, but ensure that you get the right illumination without the distraction.

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SureFire 6PX Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 9.6 out of 10.

Most of the reviews of SureFire 6PX carry positive sentiments from its existing users and buyers. As proven by the customers, they found the product in good quality and rugged construction, guaranteeing that it could last longer. Many people even considered it a portable flashlight to use whatever your operation may be.

Things to Improve

The only thing suggested to improve is the front structure’s transparent cover. According to one user, it feels fragile and thin. Nonetheless, the product is generally made from robust materials.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced yet outstanding product, SureFire 6PX is a great choice. Its features are not only guaranteed by its manufacturer, but by its clients as well.

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